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One of the photos I took at Tafe this week so we could practice using Adobe Lightroom

It's been another busy week around these parts and I've barely had time to cruise through the house let alone the blogosphere. I'm madly trying to catch up on all my blog reading for the week int he couple of house I have while everyone is sleeping, but it's definitely a case of so much to read, so little time to do it in!

Accordingly, I haven't had a lot of time to blog either. I feel like I have so much to tell you, about Tafe and also about life in general. I'm planning a post for next Tuesday which will focus on a little about what I've been learning at Tafe, and will include something totally awesome which I know many of you will love!

So today I thought I would revisit Taking Stock for February as a way to let you in on a little of the happenings in my brain over the last month...

Making : memories and  celebrating perfect moments. A few weeks ago I started a new weekly post (on a Monday) dedicated to remembering and celebrating a 'perfect' moment that I've found during the week. Since I started doing it I've realised how much more mindful I've been of making sure to find those perfect moments mixed in amongst the chaos, and at the same time I'm actually seeking them out as well. It might be shopping with my sister, spending a night with my girlfriends, or simply reading a story with a Punky. Whatever the moment, this exercise is teaching me to be more mindful and showing me the power of practising gratitude in my every day life.

I would love it if you'd join me in sharing a perfect moment every week. You can share it with me in the comments of each Monday's post, or ever write your own post and add it to the little linky I've been including for anyone that wants to play along.

Cooking : up ideas for photo projects that I want to work on. We have our first photo assignment this week, which is all about White Balance and I've been madly thinking of ideas of what I want to photograph for the exercise.

Drinking : lots of coffee! Aside from the physical tiredness of having to be up and out of the house way earlier than usual two days a week, I've been mentally tired as well from all of the thoughts and ideas swirling through my mind!

Reading : the second book in the Outlander series

Wanting : the gorgeous Zoe bag from Lilah Snow

Playing : lots of games with the girls

Deciding : on whether or not I can swing the cash to go to ProBlogger conference this year

Wishing : I had a money tree!

Enjoying : my Tafe course

Waiting : impatiently for a special baby to be born later in the year (not mine!)

Liking : that both girls are sleeping right not

Wondering : if I should wake them up because I want them to sleep tonight!

Loving : Brooklyn 99, such a funny show

Considering : the logistics of attending Tafe 3 days a week next year to study the Diploma of Professional Photo Imaging

Watching : this episode of Letter and Numbers that features none other that one of my favourite bloggers, Emily Hawker

Hoping : to catch up with my girlfriends again soon

Marvelling : at how quickly life is flying by

Needing : to figure out my feelings of cluckiness

Smelling : my favourite perfume and lamenting the fact my supply is getting very low!

Wearing : nothing much, it's been so muggy lately

Noticing : how badly I need to get my hair done

Knowing : that I might actually know a thing or two about photography and that going to Tafe was definitely the best decision I've made in a long time

Thinking : about all the things!

Sorting : out the ridiculous amount of filing I have to do. Yet again! I promise myself I won't let it pile up and then suddenly I'm drowning in paperwork again!

Buying : bread and milk. All the damn time!

Disliking : not feeling very well earlier in the week and realising that I really want to start running again

Opening : endless amounts of mail

Feeling : a little overwhelmed by all of the things on my To Do list

Snacking : on some Carmens museli bars I discovered the other week

Coveting : a new laptop (I'm thinking MacBook Pro. In my dreams of course!)

Wishing : that I had that money tree!

Helping : Punky learn to write.

Hearing : Zee grizzling in her bed. I think nap time might be over!

So that's a little snapshot of the last month. And now, without further ado, here's what I've been bookmarking and loving this week...

These Golden Years by Knocked Up & Abroad

One Perfect Moment by Twinkle in the Eye

32 Life Lessons from 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy on Buzzfeed

Connect | I can never put myself back in the picture, and also #inthepicture by Maxabella Loves

Why you should start creating a Happy Home now by Style for a Happy Home

20 ways to have a great day by Mums Take Five

Read anything you loved this week? Share a link or let me know in the comments.


Simplify.Create said…
Sounds like you have been busy in the good ways. Study sure does wipe out your time but at least the end rewards are hopefully worth it (this coming from someone who just deferred... But newborns & study is a combo I'm avoiding!).
LydiaCLee said…
I've just remembered I forgot milk today!!
Jodi Gibson said…
It's been a similar week for me blog wise. Not enough time to think or blog, or read as many as I like. Thankfully it's Friday night and I can catch up!
Shelleyrae said…
Only five! I watch a lot of TV :) David Boreanaz (Booth-Bones)) , Shemar Moore (Morgan- Criminal Minds) Ian Somerholder ( Damon-vampire Diaries) Joe Manginello ( Alcide - True Blood) and Timothy Olyphant ( Raylan-Justified)
Lisa said…
I took a week break from blogging and now trying to get back in the flow of it. I will get there :)
HandbagMafia said…
You have been busy! I'm still getting my head around study...while working...and blogging...and being mum! Need more hours in the day :)
I'm so excited to be following your studies. I've been thinking about doing that course so I'm keen to see how you find it x
Malinda said…
I hate it when you get to the end of a favourite perfume. It is like saying goodbye to an old friend.
I love a good Taking Stock post - bravo. I love how you are following your dreams and doing your course. I totally think you're going to ace it. Looking forward to hearing more about TAFE in next week's post. Hope you had a cracker of a weekend x
Emily said…
Thanks for linking to my episode! I didn't click through, but hopefully it was the first one... my brain fell out after that, haha! Thanks for the lovely mention too. I'm so glad TAFE is going well. Can't wait to read more about it.
A great month and I love your one special moment!! I linked up today. I'm feeling overwhelmed by my to do list too!! Jx
Trish said…
A fab list of links, I like the Taking stock meme.
Fleur @ Our Urban Box said…
I love that post by Knocked Up & Abroad. Wish I had that money tree also. If you find one, let me know ok? xx
Thanks for adding my post to the list! Stoked! :-)

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