Hawaiian Sunset | Photography

In June 2010 Dave and I spent 6 glorious days in Hawaii. To say the sunsets were breathtaking would be an absolute understatement. Here's just a few of the over 200 shots I took of Hawaiian sunsets. I can't wait to go back there one day!


Leanne Shea Langdown said…
I agree. A Hawaiian sunset is one hell of a sunset.
Gorgeous photos
Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit
Those are gorgeous. I am lucky enough to have been to Hawaii a couple of times - once for work years and years ago, then we had a few days there on our way when moving back to Australia. I don't recall any beautiful sunsets though! These are stunning! Hope you get back there soon :)
writeofthemiddle said…
Wow - beautiful sunsets indeed! Lucky you having been to Hawaii! :-)
Mystery Case said…
Just gorgeous. I'm hoping to attend a sunset photography workshop with one of Perth's sunset masters on Friday night. I can't wait. We have some amazing sunsets over the water here in WA.
Kirsty @ My Home Truths said…
Gorgeous - you are so talented Kylie. I hope you do get back there to take some more stunning photos x
Oh my lord they are gorgeous photos!!
Bec @pinchmebeautiful said…
Simply stunning. I would love to get back to Hawaii one day x
Trish said…
Magical sunsets , the colours are intense.

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