Five {52 week project} | Photography

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.
{Punky} Her imaginative play is, well, imaginative. I love listening to her play with her toys and the things she says. Her imagination also extends to telling stories. The other day in the car, on the way to Mum's, she told me the following story... "Daddy fell down. He crashed on the road. Then he fell on the grass and he hurted himself. Then he got eaten by a cockroach. But the cockroach spat him out, and then Daddy did stomp on him. Then a tree bit him. Bit Daddy. And then a bird ate him!". The imagination is strong in this one!

{Zee} Because toes are tasty, don't you know?! I constantly bust Zee with the iPad. I limit her use of it, but often Punky leaves it lying around after her allotted time in the morning and Zee comes along and grabs it before I've had a chance to put it away. She is obsessed with it. She knows how to use it as well as Punky does, and it's really interesting to see her start to figure out some of the apps and what she needs to do. I know many people aren't a fan of kids and iPads, but I truly believe with the right limits and restraints in place it can be a valuable learning tool. 
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Mystery Case said…
Gorgeous! I wish I'd done something similar, even offline, when mine were little.

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