My Top 5... Pinterest Princess Party Ideas

princess party ideas

Princess Party Ideas

In November 2014 we celebrated Punky's 3rd birthday. When it came to picking a theme there was only one choice. A princess party. 

Originally we were going to make it a Frozen theme, but as I didn't want to have to stick too closely to the Frozen characters and colours I decided to open it up a bit and just make it Princesses all-round. I managed to find heaps of pink and princess themed stuff at the local Reject Shop and once I'd got all the decorations up it was like a Princess had vomited all over the place!

It ended up being more of a Princess Pool Party as it was such a stinkin' hot day and my sister A got Punky the coolest paddle pool with a slide. As soon as the kids saw it there was no stopping them from jumping right in. The only time they came out was to eat the mandatory fairy bread on offer. And the cake of course, which Punky and her Aunty decorated together with stuff I found at Coles.

One day I would love to create a Pin-worthy party, but if I'm totally honest, I'm just way too lazy to go all out like you see on Pinterest. That did not stop me from spending hours looking at all manner of Princess Party ideas & themed pins though, and dreaming about what I would create if I actually had the time, money and inclination!

I did find some awesome pins though, and thought I'd share the Top 5 ideas for princess parties I found on pinterest. These are the ones that I think I could actually pull off next time, if and when Punky decides on the Princess theme.  If you've seen any sweet Princess Party posts or ideas floating around the internet make sure you point me in their direction in the comments so I can add to my board.
princess party theme

1. Tablecloth backdrop - This would make the perfect backdrop for the food or present table, or even a great backdrop to take pictures of the little Princesses in front of. You can find the original post here.

2. Princess Birthday Party Games - This is a really great collection of ideas for games for princess and/or pirate parties. Original post is here.

3. Magic Wand Fruit Kebobs - A party just isn't a party without the wonderful sugar injection that is fairy bread, but if you want to include some natural sugar as well, these fruit kebobs are an awesome idea! Original post here.

4. Princess Printable Masks - It's always good to dress up for a party, especially a Princess-themed party, and these cool princess mask printables would make for some great pictures of the kids. You can find them on Etsy here.

5. Frozen Party Ideas - If you are keen to go down the Frozen-themed road, then you will definitely find some inspiration at this amazing party. It looks divine! Original post here.

Do you go all Pinterest-crazy when it comes to planning your kids birthday parties? Do you actually manage to get it looking Pin-worthy, or are you too lazy in the end to go all-out?

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Wow you went all out - go you! I did a massive one for my daughter's 4th, but I should have waited til she was 5, I peaked too early. These days I'm a lot less party orientated and going for the lazy parent, get-someone-else-to-do-it, approach!
Pinky Poinker said…
Oh Kylie! You make me wish I had a little princess to throw a party for :) Such lovely ideas. Oh well... grandkids one day I suppose.
What a gorgeous princess party. We just had my 8 year olds this week - Pinterest gave lots of inspiration but the reality of a "arty" party on a rainy day wasn't quite what I had in mind and didn't end up really being pin worthy! I did do the fruit skewers though with watermelon stars - they worked out!
EssentiallyJess said…
I am the exact opposite of a pinterest mum! I like to make a cool cake but you will not find coordinated anything at my parties. So long as there is food and friends, kids have fun without needing a whole bunch of other stuff. :)

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