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{Graffiti in an alley in Perth}
I'm going on a girl's night tonight and I can't freakin' wait! It's been waaaay too long between drinks (literally!) and I'm looking forward to hanging with some awesome chicks, eating good food and maybe even singing some karaoke. The karaoke will totally depend on how well the drinks are going down, but never say never!

It's been a bit of a long week, even with my first child-free day in a long time on Tuesday when Zee had her first day at Daycare while Punky moved on up to the 'big-kids' room. I got so much done with no children in the house, and I even managed to sit down to eat my lunch and watch a bit of TV!

Wednesday was my Tafe orientation, and to say I felt a small rush of pleasure upon seeing the studio we'll be using is an understatement. I am so ready for this course I can't even tell you. I'm pretty sure come next Thursday though my mind is going to be so filled with all of the stuff that I don't know if I'll even manage a Linky Lovin' Friday post. So you've been warned. If anyone wants to guest post one for me, with your favourite links, let me know. As long as you get it to me by 8pm Thursday night it will go live Friday. Just putting it out there!

It was a very interesting mix of people at the orientation and I was a little disappointed to learn that one of the ladies I got on well with is actually doing the course part-time in the evenings. She was really nice and in a similar situation to me (married, 2 kids, yada, yada, yada) but hopefully we'll see each other around.

There was a fairly broad range of ages too, with a few younger kids, a couple of others around the same age as me (30s) and then one or two older people. I think it's going to be fun! As long as the young people walk a bit quicker than they did while we were being given a tour of the facilities, it should all work out fine. Have I mentioned before how much I hate slow-walkers? Soooo annoying.

Anyway, with all of that going on and getting things ready and organised for my start next week I haven't had a lot of time to spend reading and surfing the net, but I have found a few good gems which I've linked to below...

I'm Just a Mum by Big Words - Seriously great post. I've been guilty of this myself and it's definitely time to stop!

Open Home by The Plumbette - A very interesting analogy by Bec, and I have to say that the comments themself are really worth the read too.

Farewell School Holidays by The Uneducated Opinion - I loved this post, it's just brilliant, and I will be re-reading this when my time for proper school holiday periods with the girls comes around.

10 Useful Apps for the Whole Family by Fit Mother Hubbard - Anita has found some awesome apps and shared them in this post. If you're looking for new apps for yourself and the kids you'll want to check this post out.

What have you been reading this week? Seen anything good? And do I need to award a Tosser Trophy to Abbott for the whole wedging himself up Prince Phillip's arse thing or is it just a given?

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LydiaCLee said…
your comment on Abbott made me chuckle....hehehe
Some great reads there, I think The Plumbette's post was pure gold and thanks for reminding me about Bigwords, I've been meaning to catch up on that post all week. Have a great night tonight! Party your pants off (metaphorically speaking!)
Mystery Case said…
OMG don't get me started on Tony friggin Abbott. I'm not normally one to give two hoots about politics or who is leading our country but there is something about Tony and his 1950s way of looking at things that gets my goat. My mother in law who, I believe is stuck in the 1950s thinks the sun shines out of his super tight speedos.

Love that shot in Perth, did you manage to get to Toastface Grillah at the end of the lane?
Malinda said…
so glad to hear your first day went amazingly well - you are going to do great! I had my first day alone in I think ever this week with one at prep and my littlest in day care. I was so flustered about her being upset that I didn't really get anything done. I couldn't be productive and I couldn't relax so I just faffed about the house for 5 hours. :/ Next week will be better ...
HandbagMafia said…
I second your Abbott nomination- please give him said award. Please. He needs to hear it!
Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect said…
I also loved open home by The Plumbette. Brings online back to reality. Isn't it wonderful when you meet someone you weren't expecting to meet, get on better than you ever expected and realise you have made a new friend without even trying. Big week for me of getting all 4 chickens of mine back to school (one by one in dribs and drabs but finally got there).
Toni said…
Tony Abbott deserves Tosser of the year award for all the stupid shit he's done.

I loved, loved, loved Bec's post :)
Caroline Raj said…
I third Abbott's nomination! And reading....hmm not much this week with a newborn I have to say but hoping I can pry my eyes open to do some more reading in a couple of weeks
Hugzilla said…
Bec's post was my favourite of the week as well! So beautifully expressed.
Wow. So much going on in your little house right now! Lots of new beginnings which is always exciting. I loved both Bec & Big Words this week. Such amazing pieces of writing.
Yes, do award a tosser trophy please!
It all sounds intense and exciting. You will meet some awesome people I am sure.
Will check out the links.
I have been reading a million ASD links. Bit swamped. I did read an actual real book, When the Night Comes, by Favel Parrett, and it was a beautiful poem of a book, soothing.
Dani @ sand has no home
So glad that it went well on Wednesday and I love those selections of posts. Bec's got more than 6000 reads, amazing piece of writing alright.
I missed bec's post so off to read that. Have so much fun tonight.
Grace said…
YESSSS! Tosser Award to Abbott! Looks like he sure is paying for his stupidity now! (FINALLY!)
TAFE is shaping up to be very promising (and exciting). Love the fact that you'll be surrounded by all walks of life. That's the fun in studying as a mature age student. You'll do amazingly too! x

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