Linky Lovin' Friday {23rd January 2015} // Reading

This week has been a bit weird for me. I've been in this mood, a funk if you will, where I've felt like there is all this stuff that I need to do but I've lost the list and I don't know what it is. It's made me super cranky with the girls and I've had a Mummy Meltdown on more than one occasion, I am ashamed to say!

It could have something to do with the mountain of nerves that are building about heading to Tafe in just over a week's time. I know it's stupid, but the closer I get to starting the more worried I get that I'm gonna show up, they'll take one look at me and my photos and be all like "Get the hell out of here woman, who do you think you are, thinking you can be a professional photographer?!?!".

Totally irrational I know, but I just can't help it. Despite my bravado in real life I suffer from a serious case of self-doubt when it comes to my talents and abilities, and most days I'm pretty convinced that I don't have any. That people say nice things because they are just nice people (or they are my family and they have to!) and that's that. I'm working hard to not let these feelings take over my brain but it's hard work people, and leaves little time for anything else!

So in an effort to distract my brain from thoughts of impending career-choice doom, I've been blogging my little heart out and when I'm not on the computer or dealing with children I've been sitting on the lounge colouring in Mandalas. I'm not sure if it's helping, but I've almost finished one colouring book, and there is nothing like the satisfaction of a beautifully finished colouring book!

On my travels through internet land I've found some pretty top-notch reading material for you this week and I've linked to them all below. I'm starting to think that I should rename this post "My top pick from Handbag Mafia this week, and a bunch of other links that were good too", because it seems that Amy can do no wrong and I am linking to a post of hers every week! I can't help it though, she just posts good stuff. So make sure you head over and check her out and give her all the love. She's worth every bit of it!

And without further ado, here's my pick of the links this week...

On What Feminism means by Handbag Mafia

13 signs you're addicted to blogging by Bec from Seeing the Lighter Side of Parenting

12 Lessons learned in 12 years of Marriage by Justin Ricklefs

They should've warned me... by Jenny Studenroth Gerson

3 simple ways to get direction back in your life by Kelly Exeter

Who is the killjoy in your house? by Emily at Have a Laugh on Me

I'm not going to do my usual intro to each post today, except to say that the post from Emily at Have a Laugh on Me reminded me so much of that episode of Modern Family where Claire gets the shits about constantly being the bad cop and makes Phil be bad cop for the day so she can be all col and anything goes with the kids. It's hilarious! So I had to include that one from her.

I hope you've all had a fabulous week and have a great weekend planned. I'm going to do some serious self-talking and try to convince myself I'm not as shit as I think I am, so cheers to that!

Have you read anything good in internet land lately? Do you suffer from self-doubt? What do you do to combat it?

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Hugzilla said…
Yep, read most of those and love them. I was actually talking to Amy the other day about the number of times I was going to write about a specific issue, only to see that she beat me to the punch with something so awesome it wasn't worth wasting my time trying. And first day of anything new always makes me want to soil myself. You will do great, and your pictures more than justify your place in the course. You will own that shit.
We aren't just saying it to full you up with crap. You DO have an eye for photos, a knack with capturing special moments. I always have self doubt when PMS arrives! BOO. Thanks for the mention - bloody killjoy that I am x
I can't wait to see your photos from all of the cool new techniques that you will learn at tafe. So exciting! Thanks for adding to the reading list :)
Dani @ sand has no home
I always love LLFs. People don't say nice things to make you feel good, they say nice thing because you ARE good. Don't forget that, OK? It's natural to be nervous about TAFE because it's all new and unknown, but don't be nervous because of your ability. Because you got it. Now you're just going to learn to work it!
Deborah said…
Thanks for sharing. Off to check out some posts I might not have read!
Grace said…
Nice selection there, Kylie. Will have to check them out.
Good luck on your TAFE course - you're going to nail it. I just know it x
Malinda said…
You are going to be awesome - kick your doubt in the butt and enjoy!

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