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A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.
{Punky} She gave up her day sleep ages ago. About 18 months I think. In it's place we have quiet time. It's not always quiet. But some times, she'll quite happily lie down and watch a movie, with her Blankey Bear snuggled under her chin. I love watching her watching a movie she really likes. The total concentration on what's happening, the way her expression changes, the way she calls out and says "Look Mummy, look!" and explain to me what is happening.

{Zee} This girl loves her food. LOVES it! It doesn't matter how much you give her, she always wants more. She is still going through that delightful stage where she will eat anything you give her. Anything but broccoli, that is! This girl with hollow legs will finish off her second breakfast and then stand beside me and wail when I'm not quick enough to share some of mine. It drives me nuts. I hope she never loses her non-fussy-ness.

Joining the 52 week project with Jodi at Practising Simplicity


We have quiet time here too. It's such a blessing! When Baby Vick hits the sack, I set up Little Vick on the couch with a DVD and off I pop for a sneaky snooze! What will I do when this cannot happen??? I do not wish to think.
You're youngest is a cutie pie too. Shutting ones mouth is over rated when eating!
thatwildroad said…
lovely portraits! and isn't it great when kids are good eaters? my older girl eats most anything (except potatoes which never fails to completely baffle me because potatoes = delicious).
Gorgeous portraits and I really love the little stories that go with the photos too. (Great black and white shots btw!)
Cariemay said…
Oh what lovely portraits - and I love that she likes everything but broccoli - definitely a girl who knows her own mind, it's wonderful!

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