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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated // Life // Current Affairs

I know most people are probably going to be glued to their televisions and news websites today in light of what has been happening in Martin Place and the #sydneysiege. There are some bloggers that have made the decision not to blog today and I get that and I also totally respect that.

For me, there was no question whether or not I would blog. This kind of thing is designed to scare people, it's designed to make people alter their way of life and stop doing the things that they love. It's designed to terrorise people. But I will not let some fuckwit with a gun stop me from doing the things I love, one of which is blogging.

I totally understand if you don't feel like reading today. I don't either. I probably won't be doing a whole lot of blog reading. My heart aches for all of the people involved in this shocking situation. I can't imagine how scared they all must be, both the hostages, and their loved ones, as well as the police involved and their loved ones.

There was a horrible hour or so Monday morning after I first heard what was happening, as I waited to hear news of friends and loved ones, who I know who work in the immediate area. My cousin runs the production side of the Channel 7 studios there in Martin Place. I can't tell you how many prayers I was saying, wishing and hoping that she was hard at work when it all went down and not in the building 50m away, getting a sneaky chocolate fix.

Thankfully she and everyone else I know are ok and haven't been caught up directly in the situation. Unfortunately not everyone is able to say that about their people.

It's made my heart so happy to see some of the wonderful stuff like #illridewithyou in amongst the scary, and at times racist things I've been seeing in the news and social media. It's because of stuff like this that I decided to blog, and I want to leave you with some photos of happiness, to send out a little positivity and to create my own little post of goodness in a sea of terrible.

Hug the ones you love. Show care and respect for your fellow humans, no matter their race or religion. Continue to demonstrate the love, care and kindness that you have for your fellow humans, continue to hope that one day we will live in a peaceful world without fear for the ones we love.

Joy is... jumping!

Someone doesn't trust her sister's golfing skills!

Even as adults, it's almost impossible to get a photo of all the kids looking good at the same time!

Have you been glued to the coverage? Or have you been trying to distract yourself from it, trying to find a little happy in the storm?


  1. I've tried to stay away from all the channels broadcasting it all day long as they speculate a bit too much on what is going on and spread some fears with "if" "we might think"... I couldn't stay away from checking reliable news as it was a shock for me that it did happen in Australia, where the majority are open minded and peaceful. I'm so happy to see the #illridewithyou. I didn't move to Australia only for the beautiful beaches and the weather (a little bit though), but also for the optimism and that wonderful and amazing good spirit that very few countries can say they have. I feel so lucky to call it my home.

  2. A bit of both. It's so unsettling it's hard to not be in the know all the time but at the same time I have been trying to protect the boys from such images and horror. They're too young to really understand and I don't want to them to absorb any of the fear or worry. It's just so disheartening to know this has now happened in Australia but we must not forget this is just one psycho person and as a nation we are generally hopeful, loving people and that is what we need to promote. Extremists hate that shit.

  3. I've been glued to it but I have to stop. My heart is too heavy. I will now wait until a full picture has been painted and then I will come back to it. That mother of 3 though, that broke me a little. Thanks for making me smile with those lovely images. xx

  4. I have definitely been holding my baby closer today! I burst into tears at 7am when I turned on the news. And then again when I found out 3 little lambs lost their mama! It's too close to home. I'm so glad your cousin wasn't getting a sneaky chocolate fix. I've already been to the store today for the usual grocery shopping, and bought a block of Lindt just 'cause I love it, but I did think twice or trice about all this shit.

  5. PS. You have the funniest family photo

  6. First up, Great photos! No, I haven't watched it. I have read a couple of articles online but that's it. I know it has happened but I am not going to get bogged down in the depressing details of it.

  7. Ha ha Kylez! I love those last photos! So good to know that some things never change no matter how much we grow up! :)

  8. Nice post on a day of such tragic events. I am all up for distraction and you family photos did just that! Thanks!

  9. Love the photos:-) Beautiful post - good on you! I turned on the coverage after the kids went to bed tonight but choked up so turned it off. So awful for the families waiting to see if their loved ones would come out. Even worse for those whose loved ones didn't. Lots of hugs and kisses for my two boys tonight.

  10. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the footage. It is heartbreaking beyond belief. My heart bleeds for those families. Thank you for lightening my heavy day. I still can't get over how alike you all are!

  11. Gorgeous photos of your wonderful family. It has been a pretty emotional week and it's nice to take time to relish the good things.


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