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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What Winter Looks Like {June 2014}... // Photography

This is what June looked like around the Purtell traps: my birthday, rugged up trips to the park, sick babies, amazing sunsets. How did June look for you?


  1. What a month. I hope your mother is continuing to mend? I think m favourite photo here is the one of your two girls looking at each other in the back of the car. Too cute.

  2. Very cute photos!! Gorgeous girls they are!!

  3. Great collage Ky - and wow isn't it amazing how much stuff we can pack into a month! Nice snapshot to look back on - and how true is that quote! x

  4. Lots of rugging up here to! Punky looks like such a little character. Great photos xx

  5. Your girls are adorable!! I love the one of punky's scrunched up face when visiting your mum (I think). Your birthday looked like tonnes of fun too. How was your head the next day?? Xx


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