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With everything that we've had going on the last two months I completely forgot ran out of time to do my nine month post for Zee. Or take her nine month photos. Next thing you know she is almost ten and a half months and I still hadn't done her ten month post or photos! So yesterday I hurriedly heated the lounge room, got her dressed and laid her down for a quick photo shoot. Thankfully there hasn't been a great deal of change from nine to ten months so I cheated and did both at the same time! Poor second-child Zee indeed!

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So much has happened since I wrote Zee's 8 month post. In that post I talked about the fact that she still wasn't crawling. Well not long after that she started and has not stopped moving since. In fact, the last couple of weeks has seen her progress to climbing! She loves to climb on to the treadmill (at the urging of her sister, of course!) and has even conquered the coffee table a few times!

It's a good thing Punky has discovered the joy that is dobbing. If it wasn't for her coming and telling me that "Zee is on the table Mummy!" I might not have gotten off the toilet in time to catch her as she dived head-first off it! Crawling has provided Punky with some entertainment and they often have races in the kitchen and crawl around together chasing their Zhu Zhu Pets.
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Zee's crawling is quite the funny thing to watch as she doesn't crawl in the traditional sense of the word. She commando crawls. And quite honestly, she looks like a soldier who has been maimed and is dragging herself to safety! She has no interest in crawling "properly" and why would you, when you can move like lightening the way she does.

As soon as she figured out the crawling it became old hat. It's now all about pulling herself up to her knees and now her feet. She is slowly starting to cruise around the furniture and she is a much happier girl when she is standing tall. She sometimes forgets that she can't actually walk yet and that has made for many a bumped head and bruises (as you can see by the cut on her nose above).

We had a really rough couple of weeks towards the end of May, when her top two teeth decided to start making their presence known. Unlike Punky, who would have an unsettled day and night and then I'd discover a new tooth a few days later, Zee has had a real tough time of it. They start to break the surface, and then the gums get really inflamed and swell up, and basically cover the very edges of the tooth back up. It went on like this for a good two weeks, and it meant that not only was she a very cranky baby during the day, but she was waking up crying every hour or two all through the night. Not fun for anyone!

She now has 3 and a half teeth to show for the trouble and I must admit, they are kinda cute!

One thing that has been taking off in leaps and bounds and providing us with lots of giggles is her vocalising and vocabulary. She is a chatty little thing and loves nothing more than to tell you the news of the day. She mimics the words and sounds that she hears, and I can get her to say "Mum, Mum, Mum" on command now. She has also started saying "Oh, oh" when she drops something, and "Ohhhhh" when we take off in the car or she sees something interesting.

I don't know if it's that she is more vocal than Punky or I just don't remember, but she seems to be moving a lot quicker in the vocab and cognitive department. Punky was all about the physical and gross motor skills early on, whereas Zee seems to be more focused on the fine motor and cognitive stuff. She can figure out how things work very quickly and hardly ever makes the same mistake twice.
Such a big change in a small amount of time
The relationship between the girls continues to grow. Some days it's awesome. Other days they remind me of myself and my sisters growing up: hair pulling, dobbing, death grips, toy snatching, yelling and screaming at each other! Punky has been going through a bit of a stage where she suddenly just has to have that toy Right Now because Zee dared to pick it up.

Trying to to explain to a toddler that she has to wait and share is not an easy feat (easier than trying to get her to do a poo on the potty mind you!) but Zee manages to hold her own most days. I often find myself telling Punky to be gentle with Zee, and to remember that she is only little and can't be played with so roughly yet. I am pretty sure Punky is gonna get a rude shock very soon when Zee starts giving as good as she gets. It won't be long though, that's for sure!
I think the older they get the less alike they look. Sometimes. I don't know, it changes every day!
Most of the time they are wonderful together. There is nothing better than to hear the laughter coming from Punky's bedroom as they play together with the toys. To see Punky try to teach Zee how to make the Zhu Zhu Pets work. To hear giggling coming from the back seat of the car and look back to see them pulling faces at each other and reaching out to try and hold hands. To hear Punky declare "Dohey (Zee) my best friend!" and give her a hug and kiss. My heart is just about bursting.

I have been so ridiculously blessed with these two girls and I certainly hope that they will be best friends for life.

Do you have a good relationship with your siblings? If you have more than one child, do they get along?


Kylie Purtell said…
Seriously... could she be any cuter?? I think not!!! Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous girl! xx
Kylie Purtell said…
Bless such cute photos and I have always envied your commitment to this! I adore my sisters and we did fight as little girls but now we're besties!! x
Kylie Purtell said…
I love those little onesies - too cute and the collage of them growing up in them is just priceless. And those EYES, both your girls have the most beautiful eyes xx
Kylie Purtell said…
Oooh you have little bloggy popups! Noice!
She's so divine, they both are. I miss your babies :(
I'm very close with my siblings, love them. And I think my babies have a pretty special bond.
Also, I'm starvin marvin, roll on Friday!
Kylie Purtell said…
I love that she says oh oh when you drop something - too cute! Hayley still only has 2 teeth at ten months old.
Kylie Purtell said…
Oh she is just so scrumptious! They both are. I love that pic of them in the car. My girls do that too. I hope mine grow up to be the best of friends also. I also love the way you're branding your pics. It looks really cool with the web address in the middle rather than top or bottom. You're such a clever clogs :)
Kylie Purtell said…
You make ridiculously cute babies! There is 11 years between my brother and I so we didn't get along so well when we were younger but we get along a lot better now.
Kylie Purtell said…
Your girls look very sweet! I love the way you have taken photos of them both each month in those very cute onesies :) And the last photo in the car is adorable!
Kylie Purtell said…
She is gorgeous! Love your photos, esp the B&Ws. Looks like she has a bit of a curl in her hair.
Kylie Purtell said…
She has really changed in the face since that 8months pic. Just suddenly grown up from baby into toddler!
She is so beautiful
Kylie Purtell said…
That photo in the car is the cutest thing ever! They are super lucky to have you xoxo
Kylie Purtell said…
They're so cute together! I always wished to have a close sibling but I was born 13 years after my next sibling. I was quite the surprise!
You're lucky she poses for you so beautifully, my Baby Vick would be gone in a blink. I love her strong eyes.
I know what you mean about the sibling relationship thing. I am finding Little Vick quite possessive over his things and doesn't want to share with his brother at all. This of course makes Baby Vick quite frustrated so I feel like I'm doing a whole lot of policing and lecturing. Sigh. It'll get easier right?? ;) xx

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