117-123/365 - Punky

27th April 2014 - Today we had lunch at Nan & Pop's house and afterwards we went to the shops to get some sushi for dinner and have a play at the little park there.

28th April 2014 - You love to play with this plastic piggy bank and put the coins in and take them out and do it all over again.

29th April 2014 - It took a few reminders before you understood that once the money goes in this money box it won't be coming out again for a long time!

30th April 2014 - Today was Unky Nic's birthday and we had dinner and an ice cream cake for him. You helped him blow out the candles when the time came.

1st May 2014 - Today we were silly and took a few funny face selfies

2nd May 2014 - You are like a little birdy whenever your Dad or I are eating something. You stand there giving us looks and opening your mouth, waiting for us to share.

3rd May 2014 - And sometimes we don't share, and then you make this face!
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