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Thursday, 17 April 2014

FFS! I'm just thankful for the Things I Know!

Post by Kylie Purtell - A Study in Contradictions.
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So that ^^ happened on Tuesday night. Zee choked. And choked badly. Scared the shit out of me and took about 10 years off my life. Like I can really afford to lose those 10 years with all the crap I got up to in my 20s!

I'm thankful that my sisters-in-law live 5 minutes away and one of them was able to race over to watch Punky while I took Zee to the hospital.

I'm thankful that the hospital is less than a 3 minute drive away and that as soon as Zee started choking again in the waiting area they whisked us straight in.

I'm thankful that she threw up in that waiting room and the nurse saw the sticker had come up in her mouth and as soon as it was out Zee instantly calmed down and became her usual self, smiling at the nurse with not a care in the world, completely oblivious to the panic she caused me.

And the spew we were both covered in.

But mostly I'm just thankful that she is ok, that it was not as bad as what it could have been, and that there is no lasting damage from being whacked over the back and having my fingers shoved down her throat.

But FFS baby girl, please don't do that again!

FFS, don't shove so much bloody food in your mouth all at once either. Don't you know I'm now paranoid!

FFS Punky, would you pick your bloody toys off the bloody floor!

FFS Me, you need to become more motivated to clean all the bloody toys off the floor, especially stickers!
Yeah, probably won't be sharing my vegemite toast for a while now! No FFS!

While Zee was choking and I was trying to clear her throat, I was oblivious to what Punky was doing. It was a good 15 mins before I became aware that she had climbed up to my desk and had proceeded to pull apart my big cube of little Post-It notes. The ones I'd managed to keep out of her clutches for months. FFS that girl knows how to take advantage of a situation.

Now I have to find all the little buggers that have been thrown around from one end of the house to other, lest Zee find them and put them in her bloody mouth! FFS!

I do know this though, my kids are NEVER getting lego. No way am I having those colourful little choking hazards under my roof!

And they will probably never get to play with stickers again either!

I know that I am now ridiculously paranoid about all small things and have been on a rampage to remove all small items from the home. Punky is going to be missing more than a few toys and stuff when I am done.

I know that all day yesterday, and I'm sure for many more days to come, every time I heard Zee make a strange noise I was on her like white on rice, forcing her to open her mouth so I could make sure she didn't have something in it.

But most of all, What I know is how thankful I am that alls well that ends well and I can always buy more Post-Its, but I can't buy more kids! FFS!

Bonus FFS: Barry O'Bloody'Farrell. You tosser! I'll have your trophy ready for you on Monday! Make sure you stop by now, you hear (coz old Bazza totally reads my blog).

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  1. Its horrible watching your baby choke. Hayley has stopped breathing when she chokes a few times from her allergies and its so scary. And now I know this, there will be no stickers in my house until shes 3 or 4!

  2. I fear I am to blame #projectcalmdownmum sticky notes strikes again!!!! ;) Glad she's okay mumma, would have been very frightening :) xx

  3. Man, it takes ages to recover from those sorts of scares. I remember Delilah choking on a piece of fruit when she was about 1 - i was lucky enough to be able to get it out of her throat without having to go to hospital but it was a close call!

  4. I said it yesterday, but I'm glad you're all ok xx
    Incidentally, Diddy decided to eat a dead moth (how she got it only the good lord knows) yesterday. Not hospital-worthy, but I'm still bloody dry heaving at the ick of it all...
    Just be thankful that it turned out well xox

  5. How scary for you!! Glad everything worked out for the best!!

  6. Oh! that must have been so frightening. I am glad that things are alright now. Hugs.

  7. I would never have considered a sticker a choking hazard? Was it a flat one? So glad your baby is ok!

  8. Who chokes on a sticker?? Far out, scary stuff. Thank God everything worked out. Hospital staff are great! I've seen my kids put Lego in their mouths. Stick to Duplo for a bit longer. X

  9. Oh Kylez. I can't even. I don't want to even. Oh Kylez. X

  10. Scary stuff! Glad all is well now xx

  11. OMG! I would have had a heart attack, So glad it all worked out.

  12. Gawd you poor thing!! I had a similar thing a couple of weeks back when the baby was eating a sandwich then choked, gave him some water he was fine kept eating then choked again. Turns out he had the corner of a foil packet of I don't know what in his mouth. Even though he can't move he has arms like inspector gadget. It means I have to keep shit clean!! At least the age gap you have there wouldn't be too many small toys. We have full blown lego everywhere here and I am forever warning the big 2 to keep it out of his reach!!
    My first only ever put the odd leaf in his mouth, the second would crawl around with rocks in his, god only knows what the 3rd will be like!!
    Thanks so much for linking up, grabbing my button and all the facebook love today!!

  13. Oh honey! Totally have been there. Choking is the most terrifying thing. Glad to hear all is well now and you have a great family around to help you. Happy Easter!

  14. I have a kid that should have a mouth like a shovel, I am always watching her like a hawk, because she is always choking on her food. Scary stuff!
    I'm not big on lego, only for the clean up! My son used to have heaps, it may one of those things in motherhood we block out and forget about because it is so horrific to our sanity!

  15. Oh no! Scary scary scary. Far too scary.
    LEanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  16. Haha! So understand the clothing thing, only my size has gone up and down for 14 years now! Breastfeeding has me clinging to 6 or so kilos at the moment which means many of my tees are still maternity ones and that really messes with your self image when you are not actually pregnant! Add Easter to that and I am staying away from mirrors altogether! I have a ton of clothing and can wear barely any of it while I transition and I too am stirred by the Hubby! Can I suggest you head to Witchery online and nab yourself the shirtdress! I bought one of these to coverup and wear it to blogging gigs and even a wedding! Dressed up it looks flash and you can dress it down equally well. Best of all, I feel good in it and while I am lactating, that's an achievement!

  17. Oh my goodness Kylie I can only imagine how terrifying that must have been for you. So lucky you trusted your mother instincts and went to the hospital. Here's to all the small things disappearing, and by that I mean from your house not into her mouth again. Thanks so much for joining in and can I just say I love your new look, like seriously love it, I am amazed you have been able to add so many cool things to a blogger layout, we definitely need to chat.

  18. I've had two trips to the hospital because of Lego. The first time was when Mr 10 was 5 and he stood right in front of me and gleefully said "Look Mum!" and then shoved the teensiest piece of Lego right up his nose before I could blink. Lego is EVIL. Avoid it for as long as you can. So glad little Zee is okay. xo

  19. Oh my goodness, Kylie, how scary! So glad she's okay! I will be extra specially careful now with stickers. Happy Easter to you and to your family! xxx

  20. Did you get a makeover while I was sleeping? Or rather did your blog get a makeover? Whatevs, it looks awesome! Oh and choking? Absolutely terrifying. Our Sades choked on a piece of sausage skin a couple of weeks ago, fortunately being older she was able to stick her fingers down and yank it out before I'd fully realised what was going on coz the last time she choked (on an ice cube when she was 3) was quite enough choking excitement for my lifetime.

  21. bahaha oh I hear you chick! I could totally be a fashion blogger, as long as I dont have to try anything on or take any full length photos! x

  22. Ah yes! I can totally relate to this!! I Hate HATE stupid fashion!!

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