96-102/365 - Zee

6th April 2014 - You're newest skill is clapping your hands, and you absolutely love it when I sing the song "If you're happy and you know it" so that you can practice your clapping over and over. It brings me immense joy to see your face light up and your little hands start clapping furiously when I sing.

7th April 2014 - Today it was a bit cooler and so Daddy dressed you in a long-sleeved shirt. This shirt used to be one of your sister's and it's also one of Mummy & Daddy's favourites. It's so good to see it getting a second lease of life!

8th April 2014 - While not quite crawling yer, you manage to get around the lounge room pretty well with a combination of wriggling, rolling and pushing with your toes. Today you found the window and you spent a lot of time moving the blinds about so you could see outside.

9th April 2014 - You seriously love your vegemite toast in the morning, and you make a serious mess with it!

10th April 2014 - It's become common practice for Punky to come in and help get you up after a nap, and the way your face lights up when you see her at the side of the cot is magical.

11th April 2014 - Punky and "Unky Dan" spend lots of time playing together when we visit Nan & Pop's house, and today you got to join in the fun with them, playing with all the toys in the spare room.

12th April 2014 - Today I was gone from 11am to 5:30pm to a blogging masterclass and so you had to fend for yourself (well, your Dad fended for you!) food-wise. I think it's the longest you've gone without a breastfeed during the day and needless to say, you were pretty happy to see me and my boobs walk through that door! My boobs were pretty happy to see you too, to be honest!

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