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30th March 2014 - Before bed each night, after you've had a bath and been dressed in your PJs, you get a few minutes to hang in the lounge room with Punky while I get everything ready for bed. Every now and then I catch you watching in the Night Garden, but you seem to think finding any piece of paper you can get your hands on is much more interesting!

31st March 2014 - Yesterday you turned 8 months but I didn't get a chance to take your pictures so we took them today while Punky was at school. It's so much fun to be able to look through them and see how you change from month to month, and to be able to also compare you to Punky at the same age. I think the older you get the less alike you look to your sister.

1st April 2014 - Tonight we went up to Nan & Pop's for dinner. Your Aunty L took this photo while I was holding you. You really like this robot toy as it has lots of different things on it, as well as lots of different textures.

2nd April 2014 - Today your Dad had his Graduate of the Year interview and so we went for a walk down the street with Punky while he was busy. There was a little cafe and I bought us all a choc-chip chocolate muffin to share while we waited. You can't really tell in this photo but you were covered in chocolate by the end of it and were very upset when Punky ate the second bit I had put aside for you and there was none left!

3rd April 2014 - You still love to eat, and you of course love fruit. Here Daddy is feeding you some apricots and pear and you are trying to help things along!

4th April 2014 - I was so worried when we first started swimming lessons with you that you weren't gonna handle it and it would be a waste of money. But I shouldn't have worried, you absolutely love it and you've grown to really love the water, which is a nice change from how much you hated in the first few months of your life!

5th April 2014 - Tonight we went to a fancy dress engagement party and you went as Snow White, albeit the baby version! Thankfully your cousins gave you your outfit as a Baptism present otherwise I don't know what you would have worn! I was worried that you would be a bit scared of all the people in costumes but you were totally cool and charmed everyone you were passed around to.

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