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30th March 2014 - After the bath and getting dressed you girls have a few minutes to play together and watch the Night Garden while Mummy gets everything ready for bed. In this photo I caught you throwing a toy in the air, which You've been doing a lot lately. It's a wonder you haven't broken something yet!

31st March 2014 - When we went up to the shops the other day they had the Easter Bunny there for people to get their photo taken with, and he was wandering around handing out easter eggs and bunny ears. You weren't too sure at first but by the end you were happy to give him a big smile and a high-five.

1st April 2014 - You're starting to like dressing up more and more and I often find you wandering around the house in different hats and costume jewlery. The hat you're wearing in this picture I bought in Chinatown in New York back in 2010. You also have a dummy in your mouth. I have tried in vain to get both you and your sister to take a dummy and neither of you would. You are both quite happy to play with them and use them as chew toys now though!

2nd April 2014 - Today your Daddy had his interview for Graduate of the Year and while he was inside we went for a walk down the road to the cafe. We all shared a special treat (choc-chip chocolate muffin) and took our time wandering back. You thought these stairs were lots of fun to play on and you kept running back up them every time I said it was time to go. In the end I had to pretend I was going to leave and go to Grandma's house without you before you finally stopped!

3rd April 2014 - You really love building towers with your blocks and you're always trying to see how high you can get them. You've gotten really good at making sure they are straight and minimising the chances of them falling. You're always so proud when you finish one and it stays up.

4th April 2014 - Without doubt one of your favourite days of the week is a Friday when we go to swimming lessons. You absolutely love it, and it's amazing to see how far you've come in the 12 weeks you've been going. You now jump straight in from the side and can swim back to the surface by yourself and you love all the songs and activities. This is your favourite thing to do, you do a Dolphin (dive under the water) with your teacher, and then you get to run along this floating foam mat and jump off the end to whoever is doing the lesson with you that day. When you come back up to the surface your first words are always "Again! Again!".

5th April 2014 - Tonight we went to our cousin's engagement party and it was a fancy dress theme. You were supposed to be Hootabelle from Giggle & Hoot, and you wore your Hootabelle dress, but I couldn't find the paper mask that Aunty A got for you to wear as well. Here you are with Aunty E, surrounded by all the balloons you insisted on carrying around. We had to tie them to glow sticks and then put the glow sticks on your arms so they wouldn't float away and cause you to have a meltdown.

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