103-116/365 - Zee

13th April 2014 - You gave me the biggest scare last night when you choked on a sticker, but today you were back to your old, funny self.

14th April 2014 - You haven't been sleeping well lately and you've been spending a lot of time on my lap and chest refusing to sleep.

15th April 2014 - The only good thing about you teething is the extra snuggles I get

16th April 2014 - After a feed you're always trying to climb over the side of the lounge to reach your toy box.

17th April 2014 - Today was Punky's Easter hat parade and party at preschool and you had a great time playing in the sandpit.

18th April 2014 - Today was Good Friday and we went to Grandma's for lunch. Every Easter we have a family photo taken and I just had to get one of my blue-eyed loves.

19th April 2014 - Dinner at Nan & Pop's house tonight and Aunty L had an interesting time feeding you dinner.

20th April 2014 - Today was Easter Sunday, and after an Easter egg hunt for your sister we went up to Kurrajong for a bushwalk and play at the park.

21st April 2014 - You've developed a real interest in books lately, much to your sister's annoyance! She's not too keen on sharing her books with you, especially the ones that go with her mini-Violet reader.

22nd April 2014 - Today we went outside for a play and you had your first turn on your swinging chair. You thought it was pretty cool although you were hanging on for dear life!

23rd April 2014 - Yesterday was Pappa Mick's 60th birthday and tonight we went out to dinner at Hogs Breath. When we sat down at the table there was a menu in front of your chair and you opened it up as if you were going to have a read and decide what you wanted for dinner. It was pretty funny and you enjoyed seeing everyone laughing.

24th April 2014 - It's a real treat to see your personality emerge. You're a bit of a funny one and you love to make us laugh. You pull some of the cutest, funniest faces to get a reaction.

25th April 2014 - Bath time is definitely your most favourite time of the day.

26th April 2014 - In the last week you have finally figured out the commando crawl and that it can get you places. Today you realised that it could take you beyond the confines of the lounge room and in to the rest of the house. 


Kylie Purtell said…
Such a special tribute to your precious girl, she has such a cheeky smile! Love the playground shot!
Kylie Purtell said…
I love all the pics of the girls in the cot together. Those two are going to get up to so much mischief together in the future.
Kylie Purtell said…
Seriously gorgeous Kylie!

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