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13th April 2014 - Finally a day that wasn't too rainy or too sunny or too cold, it was just right for going outside and having a swing, one of your all-time favourite things to do!

14th April 2014 - Some mornings you don't want to get out of bed and just want to stay in there and keep reading your books. Which I am more than happy for you to do!

15th April 2014 - Like all toddlers, you love to look at yourself, and it's even better when there is a button you can press at the same time!

16th April 2014 - Today we made your hat for yoour first Easter hat parade at pre-school. It was just a basic hat but you really enjoyed covering it with stickers.

17th April 2014 - Today was the preschool Easter hat parade and party. While you didn't seem too keen on the actual parade or singing the easter song you'd been practising (Little Peter Rabbit) you did enjoy getting to play and decorating an arrowroot biscuit with pink icing and sprinkles.

18th April 2014 - Today was Good Friday and we had lunch at Grandma's house with everyone. You just love playing with your Aunties and Uncles and you are most definitely spoiled by them.

19th April 2014 - Today we went up to Nan & Pop's house at EK and spent some time hanging out in the garden. We are trying to make the most of it before they move later this year, because we know how much you love to explore the yard.

20th April 2014 - Today was Easter Sunday and we started the day with an Easter egg hunt. Every egg you found you exclaimed "Ohhhh, wooooow!!!" and were so excited to find them all. It was really cool to watch. Later on we went for a little bushwalk and play at the park up at Kurrajong. 

21st April 2014 - You love having Zee play in bed with you in the morning or after a nap.

22nd April 2014 - Some days you just can't get enough of vegemite toast and you certainly wear it with pride!

23rd April 2014 - Yesterday was Pappa Mick's 60th birthday and tonight we went out to dinner at Hogs Breath. There were two high chairs side by side at the table and when we tried to move you round to the other side you got upset and insisted on staying next to Zee. You then played together and gave her lots of hugs and kisses. I love watching you girls interact, Zee is becoming more and more responsive and she is starting to make you laugh the way you make her laugh.

24th April 2014 - Here you are showing Zee how to count your fingers.

25th April 2014 - Went I got back from the shops this afternoon I could hear lots of yelling and laughing coming from your bedroom. I walked in to find your tent on it's side and you, Daddy and Zee all inside. Apparently you'd been swallowed by the "Tent Monster".

26th April 2014 - You came running in to me this morning all serious and asking where your sunglasses had gone. You haven't seen your sunglasses for month but I found them in a container and you were pretty chuffed to be able to wear them. After I took this photo you started sliding them down your face and playing Peek-A-Boo with them.

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