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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Land of What-If?

The Land of What-If? is a loathsome land. A land populated with unanswered questions, bargaining, heartbreak and loss. 

It's a land nobody should ever have to visit, a land that, if life were perfect, wouldn't exist.

It wouldn't exist because nothing would ever go wrong. Every decision would be easy to make. We would all know, and intrinsically understand, that everything happens exactly as it should do. That everything happens for a reason.

And that no good can ever come from visiting or living in the Land of What-If?.

But life isn't perfect. It's uncertain. It's good. It's bad. It's up. It's down. It's hard. It's easy.

It's many things, all rolled up in to one crazy, mixed-up mess.

Life offers you hope with one hand, while smacking you across the face with loss in the other hand.

Life lifts you up, makes you believe that everything is going to be ok, while simultaneously dragging you down stomping on everyone that you love.

Life is a cruel beast. A tempestuous mistress. A fickle fellow.

Life doesn't always do what we want. Life doesn't always give us what we hope, beg and pray for.

Life is unfair. Unjust. Life doesn't discriminate.

Sometimes life just sucks.

Sometimes life gives you some perspective.

Perspective when you most need it.

But not always in the way that you want it.
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  1. I'm constantly pondering "what ifs" - particularly how things may have panned out a little better if I had done things differently in my younger days. However if not for the mistakes I may have turned out duller than I currently am.

  2. I can't switch off the what-ifs. If you work out how, PLEASE let me know! x

  3. Yes sadly perspective often means someone else is going through some bad stuff. Every time I start a pity party for one I stop and realise how good I really have it! Hugs xxxx

  4. I try to avoid visiting there, where possible, but lately I have been pondering all the what-ifs in connection with my brain meltdown. As long as it's only a fleeting visit and not a long-term stay, I think it's human nature to go there x

  5. Yep and yet we all still torment ourselves wondering what if instead of accepting what is.

  6. I try so hard to stay away from the land of "What if". It doesn't serve us well! Perspective is a great thing!

  7. Much truth here Kylie. The ifs and buts are most unwelcome. Accepting what is, is never easy. X

  8. Ahh the good old 'what if'. As much as I try not to think about them, I just can't help myself.

  9. Omg so true! I nodded my head the whole way through reading that! And yes it's not always the perspective that you want!!!

  10. Sending you big hugs lovely lady, I love your thoughts on perspective at the end. It is moments like these where I think we need to whittle down and seek shelter in the arms of the people who love us and offer us the most perspective xx

  11. I only recently wrote a post on what if myself. You can't help going there even though you know that it really serves no good purpose unless it is looking forward rather than back.

  12. Yep life can be a fickle mistress. It's awful a great deal of the time.
    But hope does exist, and with faith we begin to see some sense of purpose even if we don't entirely understand it. Big hugs to you all chicly xxxx

  13. Yep! Sometimes all you can do is stamp your foot and pump your fists and say "this is sh#t!!"...

  14. Yes What If's and Why Me's - futile places to let your head travel to. I reckon there really is a balance in life though between all the 'good' and 'bad' - we just have to keep looking for it.


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