Seven Months - Zee

This last month has absolutely flown on by, but I suppose that's what happens when it's a short month. There's been lots of stuff going on too, we've been super busy, not to mention a bathroom reno happening in just under two weeks as well, which has contributed to that feeling of time just slipping away.

We are still no closer to this one crawling and I am very grateful for that some days, frustrated by it other days. Grateful because it means that she is still fairly easy to keep track of and keep contained. Somehow she does manage to get herself all over the lounge room with a clever combination of rolling and reaching. It's frustrating sometimes though as I know that once she masters moving I won't have to go and rescue her from crappy positions and not being able to reach that toy that is just out of her grasp!

Zee has become extremely social this month. She's always been a friendly little one, but the fear of strangers hasn't kicked in yet and she is still quick with a smile and obvious excitement when anyone shows her a little attention. She has the most gorgeous smile, it just lights up her whole face, and when she's excited you can see it in every part of body.

She has taken to eating with great gusto and gets very cranky if you're not quick enough with her meal. Or if you dare to sit down and eat and don't have anything for her. She vocalises her dislike! The only problem with solids has been her poor tummy. It hasn't handled it so well and we've had a couple bouts of constipation. Thankfully extra breastfeeds and a good bowl of apricots each day has been helping things along, so to speak, and I'm hoping that with a bit more time it will settle down and her system will get used to processing this new stuff!

Zee still has not mastered sitting confidently on her own yet, mainly because she is such a wriggler! And so damn curious. You sit her down and she kicks her legs around and gets so excited that she loses her balance and topples over. Or she tries desperately to reach the toys she can see with her elevated vantage point and face plants trying to get to them. It's really quite funny but thankfully doesn't seem to faze her one bit!

The first tooth made it's appearance last week, bottom front, on Wednesday 26th February, with not a lot of fan fare other than a more restless than usual night. However the following nights have not been so great as the one next to it tries to break through and I have a fear we have a few more rough nights ahead of us yet!

Even with the pain her teeth have been causing her though she is still a delight. She makes everyone smile, and Punky loves trying to make her laugh. She will go to great lengths pulling funny faces and making silly sounds to get that prized giggle from Zee. I've also been hearing a lot more "No, Zee!" lately, as Zee tries to grab whatever it is that Punky is playing with at the time. Let's just say sharing is not one of Punky's strong points yet, and Dave and I are thinking we need to start saving for another iPad now, lest there be physical fights later in the year when Zee is big enough to want a go too!

All in all life has been pretty sweet for my smallest cherub, despite the teething aches, and it's really starting to dawn on my just how fast it's all going and how close we are to her 1st birthday! I went back to work when Punky was 7.5 months old, which is only a little older than Zee is now, but Punky seemed so much older. Zee still seems so small and I couldn't imagine leaving her to go back to work at this stage. Thankfully I still have a few more months before I have to start thinking about that!

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Kylie Purtell said…
Ok, wrote this big long thing and got booted off (but my phone this time). Short version, don't you think it's weird how grown up our first borns seem and then the next one seems so little at the same age?
Kylie Purtell said…
She is simply divine. My eldest daughter always seemed so much older than her sister and brother at the same ages. It's a funny thing.
Kylie Purtell said…
Wow that time has just flown by! Mr 4 took a while to sit on his own but I think with him it was more laziness lol!
Kylie Purtell said…
I swear she just gets cuter and cuter!!! Changing a little bit too when you compare her to Punky. Hope those teeth stop giving her grief soon.
Kylie Purtell said…
How very cute is your girl! They grow too quickly!
Kylie Purtell said…
Her face has changed so much already. This reminds me I am late doing our 7 month photos!
Kylie Purtell said…
They look alot alike, so obviously sisters! Zee is so cute, I just love this age. #teamIBOT

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