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16th March 2014 - Tonight we went to Hogs Breath for dinner to celebrate one of your great grandmother's 80th birthday. You like this restaurant because of the upstairs bit which is fun to explore.

17th March 2014 - It's thirsty work, learning so much at pre-school

18th March 2014 - Today we decided to go down to the river and make the most of the last summer-ish weather. You love to swim, and swimming in the river brings with it a whole new set of adventures and fun.

19th March 2014 - It was quite funny watching you trying to walk in Daddy's big thongs.

20th March 2014 - You are wanting to draw more and more frequently these days and it's quite interesting to see your drawings take shape, and all the little extra bits you're starting to add to your faces. Today you added hair.

21st March 2014 - Today you stood in the kitchen saying "Nani! Nani!, Nani! Nani" (translation: Banana) over and over again. Your Dad, being a smart-arse, turned around and said "What was it you wanted bubba?" and you responded with "Apple please, Dad". It was the funniest thing and if I didn't know better I'd swear you're turning in to a little smart-arse yourself!

22nd March 2014 - You love to stand on the lounge and look out the window and watch Dad mowing the lawn. You wave to him every time he looks your way.

23rd March 2014 - The novelty of climbing in to Zee's cot with her after a sleep hasn't worn off yet, and you love to give her sweet kisses, even if Zee isn't too keen at the time!

24th March 2014 - This morning you were a good helper, keeping Zee entertained while I went to the bathroom and cleaned the kitchen. You put on a show for her, singing and dancing. Zee thought it was the best!

25th March 2014 - Today we went up to Nan & Pop's house for dinner. It was the first time in two weeks that you'd seen Nanny, as she had been away on holidays in Tasmania. You were excited to see her and ran to give her a big hug as soon as I got you out of the car.

26th March 2014 - Tonight at Grandma's house she made a chocolate pudding for dessert, and you were allowed to lick not only one of the beaters, but the spoon as well. You thought it was pretty special.

27th March 2014 - Some mornings Zee wakes up just as you finish your milk and so I bring her in to say good morning when I come to get you out of your cot. You often ask if Zee can come in with you and this morning you were being a good big sister and showing her how the night light works.

28th March 2014 - You always play with the Duplo at Grandma & Nan's houses, so I decided it was time to get some for our house as well. You spent the whole afternoon playing with this grocery store set I got for you and Zee to share.

29th March 2014 - When you turned one I bought you this little LeapFrog Junior Tag Reader and put it away in the cupboard for when you got a bit older. It's the Violet one, and matches your teddy. Now that your older you love to sit in your tent with the books and read through them and use the Tag Reader to play music and read the stories from the books to you.

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