68-74/365 - Punky

9th March 2014 - Today we visited the library for the first time and you thought it was brilliant, especially this table with all those beads you can push around on wire.

10th March 2014 - You really enjoy going to preschool now, especially as you get to go on the "Big Slide" and have "Yummy Morni Tea".

11th March 2014 - You were my little helper at the post office and fruit shop and on the walk back to the car we had to step on every drain and underground cable cover we could find. This is your favourite thing to do at the moment and it means it takes us quite a while to walk anywhere while you seek and stomp.

12th March 2014 - You love going to Grandma's on a Wednesday night for Family Dinner. At least once whenever we go you climb on to the glider chair and swing away. I think you miss doing this on our since it broke.

13th March 2014 - Today I introduced you to the joy that is the movie Aladdin. You can't sit still long enough to watch a whole movie just yet, but you do enjoy having them on, and you always stop what you're doing when a song comes on because you love to dance along.

14th March 2014 - This afternoon you were sitting on the floor playing with Zee and you kep grabbing her hand so you could hold it and tell me that Zee was your Best Friend. It melted my heart. I hope you girls are best friends forever.

15th March 2014 - Today we went to our friend C's 3rd birthday party and you chose this dress to wear. We went through all the dresses in your wardrobe and this is the one you liked the most. It was actually bought for you to wear at Christmas but you found it itchy and it never got worn, so today we put a white singlet underneath so it wasn't so "scratchy".

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