61-67/365 - Zee

2nd March 2014 - Now that we have a new bath we have made bath time part of the night routine and you are loving it! Swimming lessons have really helped to build a love of water in you and you're even starting to splash the water with your hands and pick it up.

3rd March 2014 - Today we took your monthly photos while Punky was at preschool. I really enjoy taking these photos each month and seeing how you are growing. It's also lovely to create a collage of all the months previous to see how much you've changed. Also seeing the similarities and differences between you and your sister at the same age is very cool too.

4th March 2014 - You're not quite crawling yet but you certainly know how to get around with a combination of rolling and wriggling. I heard you crying from the kitchen and assumed that Punky was annoying you but no. You were stuck under the coffee table. It was kinda funny.

5th March 2014 - You got the funniest expression on your face as you were eating your toast this morning, and then you went a little cross-eyed. And then you cracked up laughing. I think you're gonna be a little joker.

6th March 2014 - You look so cute when you fall asleep in the car, you get this funny look on your face and turn your head to the side. It's just beautiful.

7th March 2014 - Today you set a record with your sitting up and managed to stay upright for over 10 mins! It's seems to finally have clicked that you need to keep your legs still and not lean back all the time. You're loving the new perspective that sitting up brings.

8th March 2014 - We had dinner at Nana's tonight and as the sun was setting a little shaft shined through the window, straight on to your face. It made you look like a little angel and your eyes sparkled so beautifully.

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Kylie Purtell said…
look at that cheeky little personality shining through! Love.
Kylie Purtell said…
Oh gosh, so adorable! Love that one of her sleeping in the car!
Kylie Purtell said…
Zee is so adorable ,1st & the last picture slay my ovaries .

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