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2nd March 2014 - You absolutely adore your Uncle D. When we go to Nan & Poppy's house you spend most of your time running around and playing with him. You are so lucky to have such wonderful Aunties and Uncles that love spending time with you.

3rd March 2014 - The morning is your usual iPad "time". You sit in your cot with your drink botlte of milk and play games until you've finished drinking. This morning you wanted to keep playing and I say Zee in the cot with you. You wouldn't let Zee have a look at the iPad so she was relegated to the owl night light.

4th March 2014 - Today you got up to some super mischief while I was getting dinner ready. Apparently this looked like a nice canvas to do some chalk drawing. You also thought it might be interesting to draw on the TV with the chalk too. I was unimpressed, but thankfully as it was just chalk, it wiped away easily!

5th March 2014 - Today I introduced you to the joy that is chocolate Quik. You loved it! And you were very good, drinking it out of the proper cup without mucking around and being silly with it, like you sometimes do.

6th March 2014 - Like Father, Like Daughter. Sometimes Daddy is very tired in the morning when he has been on night shift. These mornings he tends to let you play on the iPad a lot longer than is usually allowed!

7th March 2014 - We've gotten a pretty good routine in place for the nights when Daddy is on night shift. Brushing teeth is the last step before we read a story and you hop in to bed. You're pretty good at letting me brush your teeth (and tongue!) and once I've finished you have a turn at brushing them yourself. You're getting good at it, although you tend to shake your head back and forth rather than move the brush back and forth with your hand. It's very funny to watch!
8th March 2014 - I bought you these shoes quite a few months ago but they still don't fit. I got them for playing in the pool or at the beach but we are running out of time for you to use them. Just lately though you've taken a real liking to them and you're constantly taking them on and off. I think you like them for two reasons; one is that they are pink, and two is that you can get them on and off on your own. And on the correct feet as well!

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