54-60/365 - Zee

23rd February 2014 - It's a rare moment when Punky lets you sit on her lounge, even rarer when she asks for you to sit on her lounge with her, but that's what happened today. I snapped this after Punky ran off to get a toy, you were pretty happy to have it all to yourself!

24th February 2014 - Today I made some pancakes and you love them. You loved watching Punky eat hers more though!

25th February 2014 - You love to stand up. If you're sooking it's guaranteed to cheer you up. You're starting to get pretty steady too, but it will be a while ye before you can pull yourself up.

26th February 2014 - The last couple of days you've been sleeping pretty poorly, which is unusual for you, and today we found out why... you cut your first tooth. Bottom front, on the left. And from the looks of it, the other bottom front tooth next to it won't be far behind!

27th February 2014 - Today when you woke up from your nap Punky wanted to hop in the cot with you and read you a book (Grug Goes to the Circus. Grug is a big favourite of Punky's at the moment). You had other ideas and wanted to eat the book. There were many cries of "No, Zee!" from Punky

28th February 2014 - Every night after dinner we go in to the bathroom for teeth brushing. I usually give you a rubber toothbrush for you to gum while I brush Punky's teeth. You absolutely love to watch Punky have her teeth brushed and you seem to think it's hilarious and laugh the whole time!

1st March 2014 - Today we went to Cobbity Markets with Grandma and Aunty A. It was very wet and rained most of the time, but you weren't fussed and were happy to hang out in the Ergo on my back. Afterwards we went in to Camden and had lunch at a cafe. We ordered you and Punky some pancakes to share and you loved them and made quite the mess! Tomorrow you will be 7 months old and I can't believe how fast time has gone. You're closer to being a one year old than a newborn and if I'm totally honest, it's a little bittersweet.

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Kylie Purtell said…
That is so awesomely gorgeous. I loved reading about Zee and Punky xx
Kylie Purtell said…
She IS the budding artist. Summer rode a pony at a fun day today, I never thought she would even want to go near it! Surprising little things aren't they?

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