54-60/365 - Punky

23rd February 2014 - Today you drew a picture of Daddy, the first time you've drawn "something" rather than just scribbles or lines or circles. Daddy thinks you're a budding art genius!

24th February 2014 - Water is your all-time favourite drink. Something which I do not complain about! You love to have cold water from the fridge and you ask for "Nice, cool, water pwease?"

25th February 2014 - When I picked you up from pre-school the day before you showed me the fish you'd been painting. It looked like such an easy craft activity that I figured we could do it at home too. Instead of painting though we glued on the scales

26th February 2014 - You just love vegemite so much. I think it might be your favourite food.

27th February 2014 - Today you went on a bit of a rampage and emptied the contents of 2 toy boxes all over the lounge room. I took this photo just after you picked up Zee's toy box and emptied it on top of her.

28th February 2014 - I wish I had the flexibility that you currently have!

1st March 2014 - Today we went to Cobbity Markets with Grandma and Aunty A, and Aunty A took you in to the petting farm to feed and pat the animals. I'm always amazed by how absolutely fearless you are of animals. 

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