Thankful Thursday - The Family & Thermometers Edition

Quick one today folks, linking up with the lovely Rhi for Thankful Thursday.

Today I am so thankful for family.

And even more thankful for thermometers.
family night, portrait of family night, family collage

Last night we had family night, with my family, like we do every Wednesday night. However this week it was at our place so that I could use them as guinea pigs for some food I'll be sharing with you on the blog tomorrow.

Punky absolutely loves family night. She loves spending time with Grandma (who for some reason she has taken to calling "Manny", not to be confused with Dave's Mum, who she calls "Nanny"!) and her aunties.

While dinner was in the final stages of cooking they all went outside so Punky could show them her mad slippery-dip climbing skillz and all was good. Until she sliced two of her fingers on something sharp on the slide.

Cue bleeding fingers and a Grandma who jumped in to action, washing, cleaning, applying ointment and band-aids. Punky was right as rain in no time. Dad had instructions to do some filing on the previous unknown sharp spots!

I'm not great with blood so I was thankful that Mum was there to play nurse. To be honest, there was something weirdly comforting about having Mum look after Punky, it reminded me of all the cuts and scrapes I got as a kid, and how Mum always made it right again. Now Grandma makes it right.

Not to be outdone, my little baby Zee decided to get in on the act by spiking a temperature. I had noticed she'd been out of sorts all day and had been keeping an eye on it, with no changes, however by the time dinner was ready it had jumped right up and my poor Zee was one very unhappy baby.

I'm not sure if it's a delayed reaction to her immunisations last week, or because of teething, or something else all together, but my main suspicion is the teeth.

Punky always spiked a temp just before a new tooth would come through, and Zee is due to get her first any day now. You can see the little buggers just sitting there under the gum, being little bitches! I hope for her sake they come through soon.

And I also hope that it's those pearly bastards that are causing the jump in temperature, it would really suck if it was anything else.

Thankfully my Mum and sisters helped to soothe a very sooky, very warm Zee, and I know despite the grizzles she went to bed feeling loved and comforted.
b&w baby portrait, black & white baby portrait, black and white baby portrait

I couldn't live without my family, and I'd find it a damn sight harder to parent without a thermometer, that's for sure, so for both of those I am truly thankful!

What have you been thankful for this week?
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Kylie Purtell said…
Thanks so much for joining in with such lovely thanks. Family really is something to be thankful for. Sending lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way hope the temperature has dropped now and there is a little tooth popping through
Kylie Purtell said…
I hope that Punky's fingers are healing OK - I know how difficult it can be to keep things like that clean on a little one and that Zee's teeth have come through and her temp is down.
Have the best day that you can !
Kylie Purtell said…
Teething is just the worst thing apart from needles, hope baby zee is all better now. We had 6 month needles this week and he was just fine, both the older 2 got temps after their ones and I was waiting for it this time and nothing.
Hope punky's fingers are ok now.
Kylie Purtell said…
Do you know what I dislike about thermometers? The way I own about 3 and can never find one when I need it! I bought one of those fancy pants infra red ones and hubby goes round the house shooting everything with it. It's true, boys never grow up...
Did Zee have the MMR needle? That one often has a delayed response, Rosie spiked a temp of 39 exactly a week after hers and the immunisation nurse said that's what usually happens. I hope Zee is feeling cooler soon!
Kylie Purtell said…
Teething is the pits, I always used to put a bit of a temp, red cheeks and being hell grumpy down to pesky teeth.
I can just imagine Punky laughing and carrying on on the slide only to be wailing two seconds later when she see's the blood and realises she's hurt herself, you feel horrible for them but it makes 'em tougher!
Kylie Purtell said…
I can live without thermometers, only because I have no idea what temperature we are meant to be (I know, a quarter of my life parenting and still don't know). But my hand on the forehead is all knowing...

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