40-46/365 - Punky

9th February 2014 - Today I have you some stickers to play with. You realised pretty quickly that it was way more fun to stick them on yourself, rather than on the paper!

10th February 2014 - Monday is preschool day and you love to go. You also love to explore the front yard on the walk back from preschool, which is conveniently right across the road!

11th February 2014 - You take your colour selections very seriously

12 February 2014 - When we go shopping you love to get a little trolley for yourself. It makes it easier for me as it means you can help, and also take some of the stuff off my hands!

13th February 2014 - You are constantly climbing on the arms and back of the lounge. I am just waiting for the day you fall off and break a bone or something. 

14th February 2014 - This cat has been hanging around your Nan & Pop's house (it's their neighbours) and she loves to be patted. You are always happy to oblige.

15th February 2014 - "Down Mummy, me down!" Today you were demonstrating to me your clear understanding of the concepts of Up and Down.

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