33-39/365 - Zee

2nd February 2014 - You seemed to enjoy sitting up a lot so I have been trying to make an effort to prop you up with some pillows for a little bit each day. Soon you won't need the pillows for propping. You like to sit and look at these little books that your Aunty got you for Christmas

3rd February 2014 - On a Monday it's me and you while Punky is at school and I think you like having the room to yourself. You rolled right off your mat, over to the table, and then you rolled some more and pushed this chair over. Then you tried to put it in your mouth!

4th February 2014 - Your favourite thing to do at the moment is eat your toes and feet. I wish I had that kind of flexibility!

5th February 2014 - Daddy is very silly and loves to do crazy things to you girls. This was his latets crazy thing while getting you in to your PJs at Grandma's house.

6th February 2014 - Yesterday on the way to Grandma's we picked up the new car seat. We installed it and you had your first ride in it on the way home from Grandma's. You were so wide-eyed, it was a whole new experience for you. Today you had your 6 month immunisations and this was in the car before we left. You really enjoyed looking out the window and seeing the world, the smile didn't leave your face for the whole 7 minute trip to the doctors. You were really good too, you only cried a little bit and then you were right and all smiles again. The nurse was smitten and felt terrible for having to make you cry.
7th February 2014 - Today we had swimming lessons and you hair goes all fluffy after being in the pool and before you have a shower to wash it. It's so super cute!

8th February 2014 - This is your reaction to seeing Punky after your nap. You just love it when she comes in with me to get you up. Your biggest smiles are always for her.

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Kylie Purtell said…
Baby mohawk - say no more!! x

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