33-39/365 - Punky

2nd February 2014 - You love this shopping trolley that Grandma gave you for your birthday. You're constantly filling it up with one thing or another and pushing it all around the house

3rd February 2014 - You have taken to wanting to get finger -fulls of Vegemite and eating it off your finger. Today you grabbed the biggest scoop yet and put the whole lot in your mouth! You didn't even flinch! You really are a Vegemite Kid!

4th February 2014 - You've taken to doing this thing where you twist your arm up in and around your t-shirt. I don't know what you're trying to achieve but you think it's pretty hilarious. Until you can't get your arm out again!

5th February 2014 - You love to have a bath at Grandma's and one or the other of your Aunties, sometimes both, usually sit in there with you and play music. Tonight they wrapped you in a towel and paraded you around like their little doll. I managed to capture this photo just before you sneezed. When you sneeze now you do this really exaggerated "Achoooooooo"

6th February 2014 - When Zee wakes up we often go in and get her up together and you love to dance around and play in her bed with her. I grabbed my camera today and started snapping a few pictures while you both played. I then started asking you where different things on your face were, like you nose and your ears and eyes. This is one of the best techniques I use to get you to stand still. While you're thinking about the next body part I've asked about I snap pictures and some of them are just beautiful.
7th February 2014 - For some reason you just love being a rudie nudie at the moment and today you thought it would be nice to take one of your chairs and set yourself up at the front door and watch the world go by!

8th February 2014 - Today you were kept occupied for a long time decorating a box I wrapped in coloured paper with some round stickers, and then later on a ziplock bag filled with shaving cream and food colouring kept you transfixed for a good while. Long enough for me to drink a coffee and watch some TV!

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