26-32/365 - Zee

26th January 2014 - You love to grab the edge of your play mat and pull it back over yourself. And the tags on anything and everything have suddenly become very interesting (and tasty, apparently!)

27th January 2014 - You've taken to solids with gusto and the faces you pull are so funny. Here you are at Nan & Pop's place, testing out some strawberry yoghurt. I think you are trying to decide just what it is you love about it

28th January 2014 - You're not quite proficient at sitting up yet, I have to surround you with a lot of pillows, but you enjoy it when you're upright

29th January 2014 - Still not 100% sure about the vegemite toast but I know you'll grow to love it just as much as your big sister and I do

30th January 2014 - Today was your half-birthday. I can't believe how fast this last 6 months has flown by

31st January 2014 - You're always lunging forward in my arms, trying to grab anything and everything you can see!

1st February 2014 - On the mornings that your Daddy is at work and you wake up early before your sister, I like to bring you in to bed with me for a feed and snuggles. This is something I got to do all the time with your big sister, but which I don't get any near enough opportunities to do with you. You love the snuggles, you didn't like the flash on the camera so much though!

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