26-32/365 - Punky

26th January 2014 - You decided that giving yourself some pen tattoos were a good idea. I'm not sure I agree!

27th January 2014 - You are the biggest vegemite fiend, even bigger than me. You love to stick your finger in the jar and eat it on it's own, but you also love some "mite toes" in the morning for breakfast

28th January 2014 - Whenever we go to Grandma's house you beg us to swim. Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don't. You enjoy looking out the dining room window and just checking out the pool either way

29th January 2014 - Today Grandpa came over for a visit and took us all out to lunch. We went to one of Mummy & Daddy's favourite cafes in Richmond, The Right Bite. We've loved this cafe since before you were born, but now that you're here it's also good as it has an outdoor seating area that you like to explore, as well as a box full of toys for you to play with

30th January 2014 - Today we went shopping for some "Big Girl undies" at Rouse Hill. While you're not quite ready to wear them all the time it's good to have them for those days when you flat-out refuse to wear a nappy

31st January 2014 - I bought you a book called Princess Polly's Potty, and it's all about learning to use the potty. You absolutely love it and have been reading it non-stop since I gave it to you. 

1st February 2014 -  It's a slow process but everyday there is at least one point where you really want to sit on the potty. Sometimes you have success, other times not so much. But you give it your best shot and you'll get the hang of eventually. You like to read a book or watch some Peppa Pig on the iPad while you're sitting on the potty and it's pretty cute to see.

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