I Must Confess... Randomness and Toys

I must confess... it's been a long time between drinks. The last time I linked up with Kirsty over at My Home Truths for her I Must Confess linky was well over a year ago and it's time to remedy that!
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I must confess... that this post is mostly going to be a collection of random confessions that have no relation to each other.

I must confess... that my toddler is eating sultanas off the floor as I type this, and the baby is trying to eat the tag on her play mat.

I must confess... that my toilet is stuffed. It keeps running so we have to leave it turned off until we need to flush, at which time we then have to turn it on and wait for there to be enough water in the cistern to flush. Needless to say we observe the yellow mellow rule at the moment!

I must confess... we've had the money from Dave's grandmother to renovate the bathroom and get the toilet fixed for almost 6 months but I have been too lazy busy to do anything about it. We've had one quote which I wasn't happy about and I am yet to get another quote done.

I must confess... that I really wish someone else would sort out this bathroom reno for me because I really hate having to organise this shit. I don't mind picking out the new fixtures but please god, can someone else do the organising of quotes and tradespeople for me? Please?!

I must confess... that I only realised yesterday that the Christmas wreath is still hanging on the front door. There is always something I overlook when packing up the Christmas crap and the wreath is it for this year!

I must confess... I really hope Emily takes up my Easter Tree challenge. That would be awesome!

I must confess... I was a little disappointed that pre-school wasn't on today because of the public holiday.
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I must confess... I stayed up entirely too late last night, watching McLeod's Daughters while I coloured in the Hootabelle colouring book I bought for myself, and then finished off the second book in the Game of Thrones series.

I must confess... that I hate Barbie with a passion! Not for any feminist ideal though. I hate Barbies because I have never been a fan of dolls and my little sister and our friend used to play with them all the time and it shitted me right off! I would much rather have been playing make-believe games like teachers (I was always the teacher!), offices (I was always the office manager) or T-Bag (I was always T-Bag, the witch, my sister was always T-Shirt. Does anyone else remember that show, with the little girl who had to get around collecting various things and T-Bag was always trying to collect the things before her? Anyone?).
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I must confess... that I've lost almost 5kgs since Christmas and I am feeling pretty damn proud of myself. I must also confess that I have been meaning to write an update post to my weighty issue post of September last year and I have been super slack and keep forgetting! I promise to write it before the end of February though (I think that gives me a long enough lead-time, don't you?!)

Anyone else got anything to confess this fine public holiday Monday?
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Kylie Purtell said…
Lots of lovely randomness today! I am still in slow motion this long weekend too, congrats on your weight loss and glad I have another Barbie sympathiser because I never really took to her either. Enjoy the rest of the day.x
Kylie Purtell said…
Ha ha great confessions, I used to eat sultanas off the floor as a kid, except mum told me later they were actually dead flies - NOICE! I will head over and see what your challenge entails exactly and will probably, definitely do it, especially if it means not having to take it down! not sure my mum will be able to stop herself from pulling it down when she visits! VIRGO alert. YAY for 5kg loss and I always stay up too late, must try do less of that so not such a cranky moleface mumma! x
Kylie Purtell said…
Love random confessional posts! Congrats on the weight loss. Now what exactly is an Easter Tree?
Kylie Purtell said…
I am overdue for a random confession myself - love that you made it back Kylez! Congrats on the weight loss - that is a great way to start off the year!
Kylie Purtell said…
The hot water tap in the bath hasn't worked for months and I need to get it fixed (I'm in govt housing so I need to ring them to be placed on the long arse waiting list) but I just couldn't be bothered. I have managed without it so far...

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