5-11/365 - Zee

5th January 2014 - Today we visited with two Mummy's friends, Kelly and K, and their gorgeous kids. You loved having some new faces playing with you and watching the big ones running around

6th January 2014 - At 5 and a half months the time has arrived for you to move in to the cot in your own room, you are just too big for the bassinette. You slept really well, with no fuss, and only woke up for what's become your usual feed between 2 and 4am which is not bad (although I do wish you would go back to sleeping 8pm to 7am but I'm not complaining!). We do need to get the curtains put up though as the morning light streams through your blinds and you have been waking up earlier than when you were in Mummy & Daddy's darker bedroom

7th January 2014 - Ordinarily I would have waited until you were well over 6 months before letting you start to experiment with food but you have just been so super keen that I didn't see the harm in letting you try a few things early. So far you've tried strawberries and oranges, both of which you loved and cried for more. Today, when I was giving Punky some apple for morning tea, you were sooking a lot so I gave you a wedge of apple to taste. You loved it but would get frustrated when it slipped out of your hands and you couldn't pick it up again so I stuck a plastic fork in for you to use as a handle and you were much happier.

8th January 2014 - This morning while Punky and I ate our breakfast I gave you a bit of vegemite toast to try. No surprises, you loved it! Looks like I'll have another happy little vegemite on my hands soon!

9th January 2014 - Ever since you learnt to roll over you've been spending a lot more time on your tummy. I guess it's more enjoyable when you can get there on your own. You move around quite a bit now and I don't think it will be long before you are on the move properly!

10th January 2014 - You are such a happy baby and you have the most beautiful eyes, everyone comments on them. While Punky's blue eyes are the same colour as Daddy's, yours are the same colour as mine and I like that!
11th January 2014 - Back up at Nan & Pop's again for dinner and here you are with Uncle D, pulling on his beard, a favourite past time of babies! He really is yours and Punky's favourite uncle, the big smiles and squeals of delight when he is around are heart-warming (and ear-piercing!). I can only imagine how crazy it's going to be when you are big enough to run around with Punky and Uncle D. You're both so lucky to have such a fun and loving Uncle.


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