5-11/365 - Punky

5th January 2014 - Today we went to Mummy's friend Kelly's house and caught up with another old school friend K and her gorgeous daughters who are the same age as you and Zee. You had lots of fun playing with the other girls as well as J & H

6th January 2014 - You are seriously turning in to the best big sister. You love to give Zee hugs and show her how to use the toys. Zee absolutely loves you and watches everything you do with awe.

7th January 2014 - At the moment one of your favourite activities is to fill containers with stuff and then pour that stuff into another container, or on to the floor. You experiment with containers and the items that will fit in to them, as well as the sounds these items make when pouring

8th January 2014 - Most mornings we all sit at the bench and have breakfast together. Sometimes it's porridge, but more often than not it's vegemite on toast. I often catch you gazing out the kitchen window while you're eating breakfast and I wonder what you think about

9th January 2014 - There is always much excitement when Peppa Pig comes on ABC4Kids in the afternoon

10th January 2014 - This morning I pulled out your pipe cleaners and a colander and you spent time threading the pipe cleaners through the holes. When you are concentrating on a task you stick your tongue out slightly, which your Daddy tells me is something I do when I concentrate too!
11th January 2013 - So it appears that you actually do know how to drink from a proper cup without spilling it down your front, you've just been playing silly buggers with me the other times! I think now we might reserve the drink bottles for going out and preschool and start using cups at home


Kylie Purtell said…
I love number 8 such an awesome candid shot!

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