19-25/365 - Zee

19th January 2014 - You always go from happy to starving in the space of a few seconds, and when that happens you'll gnaw on the first thing you can find!

20th January 2014 - Today we met your Great Grandma A and opened a savings account for you at the local credit union. The lady who helped us gave you and Punky your own piggy banks and you took great interest in yours while we were having morning tea.

21st January 2014 - When your big sister is in bed you get the lounge all to yourself to catch up on some reading

22nd January 2014 - You could spend hours watching Punky play, she holds your interest better than anything else

23rd January 2014 - You're always so happy and smiley after a nap

24th January 2014 - Today you had your very first swimming lesson. I was worried that you weren't going to like it, but it seems you only have a problem with the water when you're completely naked. You seemed to enjoy the lesson and liked the songs and being moved around. And you only had a very small, quick grizzle the first time you went under water.

25th January 2014 - You have developed a keen interest in my phone and you try to grab it every time it gets near you

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