19-25/365 - Punky

19th January 2014 - You sometimes wander over to me and climb up on my lap for snuggles. This is one of my favourite things, you give the best snuggles

20th January 2014 - Wandering around the backyard with Daddy is one of your favourite activities, and you spend the time looking all around for bugs. On this day you were collecting cicada shells. Straight after I took this photo you crushed all of the shells in your hand!

21st January 2014 - You know you're not supposed to touch my phone but sometimes the temptation is just too great to resist. You try to hide it but there is always evidence left behind!

22nd January 2014 - You and Daddy are always rough-housing and doing crazy things. This is the latest craze, playing Toss the Pancake, where you are the pancake and Daddy is the pan. It looks like you're being thrown very high in this picture but it's actually not so bad. If it were there is no way Mummy would let it continue!

23rd January 2014 - Today you are 26 months old, and you have turned in to a little nudist! You love nothing better than getting around in the buff! Apparently this is the only way to eat noodles!

24th January 2014 - Today was your first ever swimming lesson. You were ok to begin with but pretty quickly you just wanted to do your own thing and not what the teacher was showing us. So then you lost it and cried for most of the rest of the lesson because you didn't get your own way. I am hoping you get the idea of swimming lessons pretty quickly coz it's not much fun with you sooking.

25th January 2014 - You have the cheekiest grin, and you love to see yourself in pictures. I turned the camera around for this one so that you could see yourself and you had a great time pulling faces and just generally checking yourself out!

If you've missed any of the photos in Punky's 365 project you can see them all here.


Kylie Purtell said…
Our big girls are only one month apart. And you know what? They are SO similar. Seriously. Bugs, nudism, selfies.... Ha! Soul sisters! X

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