12-18/365 - Zee

12th January 2014 - You don't like it when you are hungry and you can see Mummy, but Mummy is not feeding you. Anyone would think I've been starving you sometimes!

13th January 2014 - The experimentation with family foods continues and today you went to town on a chunk of banana in this mesh food-holder-thingy. It means you're still able to get the food inside but I don't have to be constantly touching mushy bits of food because you drop them and can't pick them up again. This thing makes everybody happy!

14th January 2014 - You love going outside to watch your big sister playing on the swings and the slide and I imagine you are just waiting for the day when you can play on there with her

15th January 2014 - Every Wednesday night we go to Grandma's house for family dinner. You've just started sitting in the high chair and enjoy seeing what is going on at the table. After dinner there is always someone keen to have a hold and play with you, and tonight it was Aunty E's turn

16th January 2014 - Up until yesterday you have screamed blue murder every time you have been touched by water. No joke. But yesterday when we were at Grandma's I took you in the pool with me and you didn't seem to mind it. I think it might have helped that you were fully clothed and had a nappy on. So today, because it's been really hot, and because I promised Punky that we would try out her new paddling pool, I popped you in your swimmers and in to the pool to see what you think. You seemed to not mind it too much, but you didn't like it when Punky splashed you and you got over it pretty quick, but it's a start. Now we just need to try the bath again after this and see what happens!

17th January 2014 - When  your big sister was a baby she got to look at "the baby in the mirror" a lot as she has mirrored wardrobe doors in her room. You don't have any mirrors in your room so you haven't got to know "the baby in the mirror" as well yet. So today we went and had a play in Punky's room and you thought that "the baby in the mirror" was hysterical and spent a great deal of time talking and laughing with her, and reaching out and trying to touch her face

18th January 2014 - Today we went in to the city for the Bloggers BBQ. You charmed the pants off everyone there and Mummy got lots of comments about how sweet and beautiful you are. The channel nine weather lady, Amber, even came over and said you were "gorgeous, absolutely beautiful". I have to agree with them all, you are!

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Kylie Purtell said…
Love the face painting. We are getting a scout soon too, they're awesome!
Kylie Purtell said…
Where did you get the baby food thing from? I need to get me one of those!
Kylie Purtell said…
Water colour books are the BEST! And what a little fashionista! Bowl hats are totally all the rage. ;)
Kylie Purtell said…
That mesh baby food thing looks awesome! I need to get one of those for Eli!
Kylie Purtell said…
I think it got it from one of the baby stores, Baby Bunting I think. But I've seen them places like Coles and Target too, in the baby section.
Kylie Purtell said…
It's really handy, makes it so much less frustrating for them when trying to eating slippery stuff before they have the motor skills to really grab on to it. Banana works really well, though it is a bit gross to clean out afterwards. These ones are dishwasher safe though so once I've dug the chunks out and given it a rinse with hot water I just pop it in the dishwasher and it does the rest. I actually have a little something to send up to you, I just keep forgetting to go to the post office, so if I see some when I get the groceries later I'll grab one to pop in there too.

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