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Sunday, 5 January 2014

1-4/365 Zee

1st January 2014 - As I was sitting and taking photos you did your first proper roll from your back to your tummy. After a little bit you continued on over to your back again and got a bit of shock and started to cry.

2nd January 2014 - After a long trip in the car back from Aunty K & Uncle S's place in Wagga you were pretty ready to stretch your legs! The last week or so you have started to poke your tongue out and have decided you like it!

3rd January 2014 - We took your 5 month old pics today even though technically you were 5 months on the 30th December. Your big sister had to get in on the act and gave you lots of cuddles at the end of the photo shoot, which you love.

4th January 2014 - Today we went up to Nan & Pop's place and we went for our usual walk to the end of the road and back. You've started to enjoy these walks and look around at the scenery and lean forward to see what your big sister Punky is doing. I'm pretty sure you're looking forward to when you can be walking too!


  1. That's so sweet Daddy bought lots of strawberries. My parents do that for my kids, they love them :) You probably hear it all the time but you have gorgeous kids ;)

  2. Hi Kylez,

    Love the photos of Punky and Zee. They are both gorgeous. When did Zee get so big? If I didn't say it months ago (I may have missed it during my accidental bloggers break - Congratulations!

  3. That gummy smile is DELIGHTFUL! xx

  4. I got it from Cotton On after my Mother-in-Law got one for Zee before she was born.

  5. Punky would eat an entire punnet if I let her so Dave always stocks up when they are on special.

  6. Thanks! I know, Zee is just growing way too fast, I feel like I blinked and she went from newborn to 5 months in an instant!

  7. I know, I so hope she waits a bit longer before she grows teeth!

  8. Awesome, I'll keep an eye out. (Or maybe I'll sew a rip off one. :)

  9. Rolling over! You clever little munchkin Zee!


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