1-4/365 - Punky

I've decided to do a 365 project for each of the girls this year. My aim is to post their pics every Sunday...

January 1st 2014 - We stayed in Wagga with Aunty K & Uncle S and we visited Uncle S's Grandfather's house for lunch and a swim. You were so tired by the afternoon that you climbed in to the pram and had a nap

2nd January 2014 - We drove home from Wagga today. It's a long drive. Over 4 hours. About 20 mins past Goulburn we had to pull over to change your nappy and give Zee a feed. We pulled in to a driver reviver bay and you seemed a little scared of the cars whizzing by so fast and so close on the highway so you stuck close to me, the car and Aunty E.
3rd January 2014 - We finally arrived home after spending the night before at Grandma's on our way back from Wagga. You were really excited to see your Dad after being away from him the whole week, even though you cried at first because you were asleep when we first got home. Daddy bought lots of strawberries and had them ready for you, knowing they were your favourite.
4th January 2014 - When we visit your Nan and Pop's place you love to go for a walk with me, Daddy, Zee and your Uncle Zee. We usually just walk to the end of the road and back, about 2kms, and you run and jump and explore every bit of that 2kms. It's one of my favourite things to do and I love watching your face as you discover new bugs with your Daddy, or play with Uncle D and his spinning sticks.


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