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Friday, 13 December 2013

November 2013 in Pictures

This is what November 2013 looked like for The Purtells...
1. A well-earned moscato | 2. We've been binging on sushi since I had Zee | 3. The man behind the voice of Daddy Pig... Exactly as I expected! | 4. Scored this at Bunnings for the girls. Bargain!
My baby Zee just gets cuter and cuter every day!
It seems as though we take a lot of Mummy & Daughter selfies, but when you have so much fun being hams together you can't help it
3. & 4. My poor baby was so sick, and nothing helps like a lemonade ice block
Rain, rain, go away, come again another day
1. I had a little trip to the emergency room in mid-November | 2. We kill a lot of time waiting for Daddy to get home taking the selfies | 3. Got myself a sweet photo book of our trip it New York
We went on a fantastic family holiday, staying at Soldiers Point, near Nelsons Bay, Port Stephens
My sisters, A (above with Punky) and Katie also came on holiday with their husbands and it was great to have some extra hands to help with the girls
Can't believe my first baby is now 2! Two! Where did that time go? It's not fair how fast they grow.
Punky absolutely loved feeding the Kangaroos and Emus at Featherdale Wildlife Park. Click here to see a video of her feeding the emus
1. I started my Lazy Girl's Guide to Christmas Shopping series | 2. & 3. We took the girls to an awesome park near Newington Armory & Sydney Olympic Park at Homebush Bay, Blaxland Riverside Park. Punky and I have been a couple of times now, I highly reccommend it | 4. The mini-jumper is the perfect place to sit and read books. Obviously!
1. Seriously wish I'd had an Ergo Baby carrier when Punky was a bub, it is so damn handy! | 2. Punky trying to re-imagine Schnitzel Von Krumm of Hairy McLairy fame. Lucky it was a board book and whiteboard marker! | 3. & 4. I had Zee on the bench while we ate breakfast and Punky wanted to sit with her while I put the dishes on the dishwasher. No babies or toddlers were left unsupervised during the taking of these photos or loading of dishwasher!
Punky got this bug keeper for her birthday and I think Dave has been enjoying it way more than her. I came home from a girls dinner to find this on the dining table and a message from Dave to show Punky in the morning. It's not a cockroach in case you're wondering, it's some kind of wood boaring(sp?) beetle apparently. Scared the shit out of me no less!

2. Chocolate covered popcorn. Yes, yes, a thousand times YES! | 3. Nothing like getting home and watching a spot of Peppa Pig in you nappy and sandals to help you relax | 4. Absolutely exhausted after a huge day at my sisters, celebrating Dad's 60th. This was the night both girls had meltdowns.

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  1. Lovely! Impressed with the real Daddy Pig....

  2. What wonderful photos, so lovely to reflect on the past month this way! I'm also very impressed with your number 2 cake, my big boy is 2 next month & I really need to get my thinking cap on!

  3. You and your girls are just beautiful!! Such a lovely November and here's wishing you an even better December and Christmas holiday season! :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. What a great snapshot of the month! So I also put a pic up of Daddy Pig on FB - SNAP! He is just as I'd imagined. Love the pics of kids flaked out asleep. And that voucher you got, so thoughtful! It sure has been a busy month, I might try do something like this for a NY post, thanks for idea hubby xx

  5. What a lovely collection! So much happens and so much can be captured when you have little children right? Love the holiday snaps and love the post idea too x

  6. That bug photo scared the shit out of me too as I scrolled down the page! I love taking selfies with bubba too, its so much fun!

  7. LOL, I thought the bug looked like a cockroach too. I love all the photos and your girls are gorgeous.

  8. Awesome :) You had a very busy month.

  9. What a wonderful month at your place! Love the smartie covered cake :)

  10. What fabulous photos, November treated you well. Both of your babies are gorgeous! Now I'm off to get some sushi....

  11. Great photographs The girls are just gorgeous and you look incredibly happy. Here's to a good 2014. Thanks for linking.Robo X

  12. Oh, my! Baby Zee is just adorable! Put her next to her gorgeous sister out boys!


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