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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

October 2013 in Pictures

Zee watching Punky watching Peppa
My good friend N got married and it was one of the most beautiful and intimate weddings I have ever been to. And the canapes were spectacular!
Deciding whether or not these should appear at my house this Christmas
1. Teaching myself to crochet. Not very well I might add! | 2. Because why wouldn't you want to hold your toy pram while you have your nappy changed!
3. Review coming soon
3. & 4. Uncle D is so much fun! Punky loves to go for a walk when we visit the in-laws and Uncle D uses his walking stick to pretend they are driving a bus down the road (and also to keep her off the road when a car comes along!)
The family that tummy times together, stays together!
4. Who doesn't love drinking water and watching In the Night Garden while kicking back in the nude!
All ready for her first ever pre-school photos
4. New glasses for the first time ever!
3. Seriously, could this kid think she's any cooler?!
Picnic dinner in the backyard. It's the simple things
Hey there blue eyes!
Linking up with this tremendous trio...
My Little Drummer Boys



  1. Ahh blue eyes. What a doll! Your kids are just gorgeous and seem to be the best of friends. I love how Punky proudly puts her arm around Zee. Can't wait for the book review too!

  2. Gorgeous cherubs and memories there.

  3. looks like a busy but awesome month. your girls are gorgeous and i LOVE that necklace!! perfect! x

  4. Look at all those gorgeous pics of your girls together. They seem to like hanging out together.

  5. Can all the babies in the world stop growing just for a little bit!! Great pics.

  6. So many great pics! Those kids are growing up so fast. As for the Xmas decorations - DO IT, lol. The more the merrier I say!

  7. You should put these gorgeous pics into Christmas books as gifts. They are just divine!

  8. Awww so many gorgeous moments captured here! I love Zee watching Punky watching Peppa, and family tummy time the best I think :)

  9. Wow what a busy month and Zee is growing so quickly - I reckon she'll be bigger than Punky!! That ash is freaky - and love a few cray cray selfies xx

  10. Love the pics of your two little rays of sunshine :-)

  11. so many lovely photos of your family, I did like the ones of you and Punky making faces!

  12. Great pictures! Everyone looks so happy.
    Also, your loungeroom looks a lot like mine! - love it :)

  13. Your photos and your family are always so gorgeous. Love your work, chick! V.


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