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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Top 5... Celebrity Crushes

I was lying in bed the other night and as usual I had a rush of blog post ideas pop in to my head. So I quickly grabbed my phone and started tapping them into my Notes app so that I could actually remember them! Sadly I didn't have my phone with me when three awesome post ideas came to me while trying to get Miss Zee to sleep so you'll just have to take my word for it, they would have been epic!

But never fear, for I now present to you one of my late night, not very original, blog post ideas... My Top 5 Celebrity Crushes.

Number 5: 
Jason Segal, aka Marshall from How I Met Your Mother
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I am a massive fan of How I Met Your Mother and its one of my all-time fave shows, and not least of all because of the awesomness that is Jason Segal. He is hilarious and doesn't mind making a fool of himself for the laughs. Whether it be as the lovelable Marshall, the heartbroken Peter in Forgetting Sarah Marshall or the crazy Sydney in I Love You Man, Jason Segal knows how to put a smile on my dial and a fire in my, ahem, belly.

He may not be the most classically good looking man in Hollywood but I'd rather a man with a wicked sense of humour who can make me laugh any day over your Brad Pitts and George Clooneys. Funny IS sexy and Jason Segal can come home to meet my mother any day he likes!

Honourable Mention: Paul Rudd. Have been swooning for him ever since I first saw him in Clueless. Come to mama!

Number 4:
John Krasinski, aka Jim from The Office (US Version)
John, you can work in my office any time. Any time!
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I admit I haven't really seen John in anything other than The Office, another of my fave shows. But that doesn't matter coz I still think he is hot, hot, hot. If only he had worked in my Office, I would have had no problem letting him come and hang out at my desk! I'm not quite sure if it's Jim or John that I actually have the crush on but who cares. He's easy on the eye and funny to boot and that's all that matters.

Number 3: 
Jennifer Garner, aka Sydney Bristow from Alias
Whether she's kicking arse in Alias or being Super Mum, she always looks awesome. I wish she was my friend.
{Image Credits from Left - Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4}
I have been in love with Sydney Bristow and the woman who plays her since I saw the very first episode of Alias all those years ago. I reckon I have re-watched every season of the show (there were 5) at least 4 or 5 times now. But it's not just Jennifer's portrayal of my spy hero that I love, it's her versatile acting, and the fact that she looks like the most down-to-earth girl Hollywood has ever had the fortune to have. She looks like the kind of girl I would definitely be best-friends with and I am so damn jealous of Ben Affleck. If I was going to swap teams for anyone it would be her.

Number 2: 
Jimmy Giggle, aka Hoot's human sidekick on Giggle & Hoot
I wouldn't mind playing Doctors & Nurses with you Jimmy!
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Jimmy Giggle is HOT! Even when he is being all crazy kid-like I still love him. I think I get more excited when Giggle & Hoot comes on than Punky does these days and I don't even try to hide it. Not only is he hot but the can sing too and he's kind to birds. Not to mention those eyebrows. They deserve a post all to themselves! All good traits in a man. I saw Jimmy Giggle live at the Opera House back in July and he is just as handsome in real life as he is on the box. Jimmy Giggle you can take me to your universe any time!

Number 1: 
Daddy Pig, aka Peppa's Dad on Peppa Pig
Please excuse me while I pretend it's me about to rub that sunscreen into Daddy Pig's perfect pink flesh!
{Image Credit}
While a little unconventional, I have to say, my number 1 celebrity crush is Daddy Pig. Like Jason Segal, he may not be the most handsome man pig around but he makes me laugh. And as we've already established, that's worth big crush points in my book. But it's not just his sense of humour that had me at the first oink.
See, a sporting man and an expert!
{Image Credit}
For starters, he's a sporting champion! Sure his world record may be for puddle jumping, but his zen approach to being the best at puddle jumping is a lesson we could all learn. Then there is his willingness to do anything to help out, whether it be running a fun run all by himself to raise money for Peppa and George's school, or working the ice-cream stand for Miss Rabbit when she hurt her leg, or hanging pictures for Mummy Pig while she is out. Daddy Pig loves to help out and does it with a smile on his face. He's also an expert at many, many things, and who doesn't love a man pig who knows it all.
The last page of mine, and Punky's, favourite bedtime book, and the main reason why I love Daddy Pig
But the biggest reason why I crush hard on Daddy Pig is simple. He's a great Dad who loves his kids. You see it in every episode, how much he loves Peppa and George and that's what I find the most appealing about him. And if I'm totally honest, and don't tell him I said this, he reminds me a little bit of Dave! Albeit a more rotund, pink and swinish version of Dave!

So there you have it, my Top 5 celebrity crushes. Not the most traditional of crushes, and yes I do realise that two of them are technically fictional characters but I don't care. So if you're funny, kick arse, like to hang out with birds and have a pink complexion, then you've definitely got a chance with me!

Who are your celebrity crushes? Feel free to admit your secret crush on Daddy Pig too, there has to be at least one other person out there who feels the same way I do.

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  1. DADDY PIG!!! HAHAHAHA GRUNT SNORT! You're a cracker.
    I have an official top five (a.k.a. the 'freebie' list) but with the new year approaching I get to create a new list. Hmmmm, decisions. (Yes, hubby and I take this very seriously.) I'm pretty sure my top three won't change - Jake Gyllenhaal, Jensen Ackles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

  2. Love it! I totally love Alias too. I wrote a post about my celebrity crushes a couple of months ago. Sark from Alias was in my top 5 :)

  3. Naaaawe Daddy Pig! That is so sweet. Number five would be my number one from your list, though Jimmy Giggle is a hot contender. Great post lovely

  4. I love John Krasinski! You have to watch him in the movie "It's Complicated" with Meryl Streep & Alec Baldwin. He total stole the show. (We named our youngest boy after his character in the movie-yes we are those people haha) I also love Hugh Jackman and Chris O'Dowd-the boyfriend cop in Bridesmaids. Love your picks

  5. You are such a dork, and I LOVE it. I'm just not sure about Daddy Pig's stubble. It reminds me of my first ever boyfriend who tried to grow a moustache and beard and failed miserably.

    I did one of these a little while ago too . I showed Scout the 5 of them and with the exception of Joshua Jackson (who she is totally smitten with) she thought the others looked "weird". Not sure whose womb she came from.

  6. I remember your comment about having a crush on Jimmy Giggle awhile back, glad you are consistant. As for an animated crush, I think that is perfectly acceptable. I also have comic book crushes, so it's totally normal. Right?

  7. You're on your own with the big crush girl!!!!!!!!! But I'm with you on loving men that make me laugh and adore their kids so HELLO Hugh Jackman, he does both. I also love Bradley Cooper, he makes me laugh and melt at the knees - Ian Somerhalder, off The Vampire Diaries - HELLO sunshine and also a Jensen fan - Supernatural xx

  8. My husband gets told he looks like Jimmy Giggle from the mums at his work. I can kinda see the resemblance. I agree with Emily about Hugh Jackman. And I used to be a fan of Hugh Grant when I was younger, especially in Notting Hill.

  9. Daddy Pig LOL still laughing here. At least the only person, err, pig, you'll have to fight for him is Mummy Pig. LOL! I love Paul Rudd, too. I'm not sure who else would be in my top 5.

  10. I think Daddy Pig is on Lil Pumpkin's list for sure hahahahaha

    For me I like some some Asian celebs like Andy Lau, Takashi Kaneshiro... And Bradley Cooper, Cory (ANTM 2.0.. He's gay but so funny and cute!) haha.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  11. mmmmm can't say I have a thing for Daddy Pig! lol. I don't know who mine would be. Maybe Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty, Josh Charles (Will from The Good Wife), Ben Affleck (or Mr Jennifer Garner) and I'll throw in my girl crush of Kate Winslet.

  12. There are many, but the ultimate is Hugh Jackman. Seriously the man can do no wrong. He loves his wife, loves his kids and is seriously talented. Oh, did i mention drop dead gorgeous. A wicked smile with that twinkle in the eye. He is also funny, so should rate in your books :)

  13. While I have heard of two of the shows you mention - I don't think I have ever watched any (of the 5) !!!!! My 5 top crushes - hmmmmmmm - that changes - quite regularly - so, for now, Jason Statham, Richard Gere (yes, I'm old !!!), Steven Segal (from the old days - not as the old man that he is now !!!), Roger Federer and Chris Hemsworth !
    Have the best day !
    Me xox

  14. I was just thinking about this last night, and I couldn't stop at 5. John Cusack, Robert Downie Jr, Jensen Ackles, Joe Mangianello, Alex Skarsgaard, Bradley Cooper, Keaunu Reeves....OK, I'll stop there. Are you sensing a type? No pigs for me ;)

  15. Totally with you on Jen, John and Jason, but Jimmy would have to get rid of that bloody "Hooooot the Owl!", the voice drives me nuts!
    Daddy Pig is hilarious, I love that Mummy Pig knows what a lucky girl she is LOL.
    Love Jensen, love Joshua and I'm also loving a bit of Michael C Hall at the moment, as we're working our way through the last season of Dexter.....sob!! xx

  16. We have very similar taste in men. And women. Though not pigs or children's tv hosts :)

  17. Yeah you can keep Daddy pig I think! His facial hair really does nothing for me!
    With you on Jason Segal though. (Also Paul Rudd), but I would take Ted over Marshall any day for sure. He just has the biggest heart that guy.

  18. What is it about Jimmy giggle, I myself don't think he is particularly hot but he has a lil something. I too went through a crush phase with him, I believe there is a Facebook page full of mums who have a crush on him. I think he is brilliant at what he does.... ok that is enough about Jimmy giggle shhhh.
    Entertaining post :)

  19. Haha love your less than conventional list of celebrity crushes! My celebrity crush is Mariska Hargitay aka Olivia Benson from Law and Order: SVU. I especially love her in the new series.

  20. I have to agree with Jimmy Giggle, he's really cute! Oh and Daddy Pig, I'm pretty sure Mummy Pig is 33, so how old is he! At least 53 I reckon!

  21. Daddy Pig cracks me up, don't know about crush worthy though! Fun idea for a post and great list! Not what I was expecting x

  22. I love that Jimmy Giggle makes the cut. He is so awesome. I feel bad for Daddy Pig. I don't really like Peppa Pig at all (so of course, all my kids and my hubs ADORE it). I did a list list this ages ago and have been thinking about updating it as quite a few have changed and I think most of my crushes are girls now!

  23. Bahahah! Classic. Daddy Pig the stud. I never realised! Jimmy Giggle is a long time hit with the Mummies. You might have to line up there! He is a great fella. I met him once and he totally was Jimmy Giggle, he didn't drop character and he needn't even be in character at that moment. I am drawn to his endless enthusiasm and energy. He could be handy around the home.
    I reckon Fireman Sam could be a bit of hotty! ;)

  24. I soooo do that with my Notes App too - and sometimes when I wake up in the morning I wonder what on earth my random sleep typing was trying to remember :p
    My celeb crush is P!nk, Daddy Pig just doesn't do it for me at all...

  25. Hmmmm, we clearly have different taste in men! I think one of the benefits of having a boy is that I don't have to listen to the oink of that pig show! Jason Segal is OK, I suppose. Actually he is quite cute.

    Re iPhone reminders, use "Reminders" app because you can create different lists for each category of your life. eg I have lists called: "Ned list", "Health to do", "Shopping wishlist", "Therapy", "Blogging to do"... you can set reminders and keep notes under each item. It's tres cool.


  26. A couple of, er, surprise picks in there. But once I read your solid reasoning, I could totally see your point. I will never watch Peppa Pig in quite the innocent way again.. x

  27. Awesome post! Got me grinning from ear to ear... I totally get this, because I'd go for Jason Segal too! I'd also mention Jake Johnson, i.e. playing Nick Miller in New Girl. And in the 90s, for me it was Matthew Perry who played Chandler Bing in friends - I just loved his dry humour.

  28. Jimmy Giggle and his eyebrows are my #1 celebrity crush!! Followed by Rhys Muldoon when he did his stint on Play School. Can't half tell I've spent 5 years as a SAHM!


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