Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

So it started on Tuesday with Jess and has spread all over the blogosphere like crabs on a streetwalker.

Christmas wish lists.

The very funny Kevin from the Illiterate Infant tagged me to join in, as did Lydia over at Where the Wild Things Were, so it's only fair that I post my list and pass the tagging love on. Of course this whole exercise, as touched on by Kevin , is just an excuse to find ridiculous pictures on google to illustrate your post with, but hey, who doesn't love googling ridiculous shit!

So, in no particular order, I present my (ridiculous) Christmas Wish List...
{Image Source}
I promise I won't hold the world to ransom for a million dollars. I'm not that desperate.
Or am I?
One Billion Dollars! - Ok, I'd take one million dollars. Heck, i'd even take half a million dollars. In fact, I would even take enough to pay off the credit card, renovate the bathroom and kitchen and buy a new car. It's not too much to ask is it? I'm happy to keep paying my mortgage Santa, just take care of that other stuff for me will ya?


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How cool would a Stargate be? | I love him so much! | Gettin' beamed
A Stargate - Oh yes, I would love a Stargate. It would be so cool. Especially if I could travel to Atlantis and spend the night with Lt. Col. John Sheppard. And while we're at it, I would love me some Asgard Beaming Technology too. The ability to beam myself anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye? Fuck yeah!

Don't ask me where exactly I would go, I haven't thought that far ahead, but seriously, how much easier would it be to get a litre of milk on those mornings when you get up and realise there is not enough left for both a coffee or your child's breakfast porridge. No longer would your only choices be: a) feed the child b) let the child starve but know that you could endure it due to the caffeine pumping through your veins or c) get yourself and your child in the car for the drive to the servo. You would totally be able to d) beam yourself to a servo in another state, grab the milk from the fridge and then beam out again in mere seconds, all while not having to pay for said milk and not having to get your kid in and out of the car! You know you want it!


{Image Source}
I googled the terms 'cleaner, gardener, renovator, budgeter' and this was one of the pics that came up.
While he's cute, there is no way I would trust a bloody dog to do all that!
Someone to do all of my cleaning, gardening, renovating and budgeting for me, without having to use my own money for any of it. Pretty self-explanatory I think. So, moving right along...


{Image Source}
The ability to eat as much food as I want without gaining weight, and a chocolate bar that actually makes you lose weight as you eat it. Seriously, you know that's what scientists should be working on. That and Beaming Technology.

So there it is, my totally ridiculous and unlikely Christmas Wish List.

What's the most ridiculous thing on your wish list?

I now tag -
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Show me want you want girls!

Flogging this as always on a Friday with the ever so awesome Grace at With Some Grace


Ness said…
Uncannily similar to my list! Hope they all come true!
My totally ridiculous christmas list included a house with a yard and a pool. Like you, I was not selfish, I didn't want to own it outright, just to be able to comfortably afford it. I think we should be rewarded for our un-greediness!
Hahaha, great post, I want to beaming technology too!
Mumabulous said…
I'm a self respecting geek but I forgot all about the Stargate. It would make kindy drop of so much easier.
Anonymous said…
Hilarious! This thing about eating as much as we want and not gaining weight is been coming back in a few Christmas wish list! I want it too!!!
Jodi said…
I am all for a chocolate bar that makes you lose weight! :)
Rhianna said…
Great list, I would happily take all of that as well. Thanks for sharing
Hahaha, I'm still saying "One billion dollars" to myself :)
Kel said…
Oh love. Love, love, love... as usual... you lost me at Stargate.
I love this list Kylie - even the Stargate reference. I assume we're talking original stargate and not Atlantis or Universe? (oh yes, my husband has done his work well and has turned me into a geek!)

BTW, I have tagged you with a Sunshine Award for positive and inspiring blogging and hoping you get the chance to share the love with other blogs that you love. I hope you have an awesome weekend!
Unknown said…
Great list, but I am loving the one eyed looking dog in particular. Would find it very funny to watch him to the cleaning and gardening etc!
Unknown said…
Hmm, be careful of chocolate like that, the laxative warning is true :)
Unknown said…
Love it! Thanks for tagging me. I want a billion dollars. Actually I want 10 billion. Just unlimited cash for the rest of my life would be good. I'll type up my list now. I'm sure it will be long. I want everything!
Bachelormum said…
I think your wish list is totally reasonable. I hope Santa agrees :-)
Grace said…
Love it! Especially a chocolate bar that lets me lose weight. Now where would i get me one of those ???
EssentiallyJess said…
Oh I Like the idea of stealing milk from someone else's fridge. And you could just replace it with a bar of your miracle Chocolate and that will make everything better.

Also how random are the pics google comes up with?
One Mother Hen said…
You lost me at Stargate too. Me and hubby have downloaded and watched every single episode! Got ridiculously addicted. Ultimate wish Kylie.
Great list! I have one of these posts to do too, but I'm still thinking...
I added your button to my buttons page :-)
Jacana said…
Eating chocolate without gaining weight - YES

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