What, you thought this post would have a point?

This is what I think of you Thursday!
I made this quipture for The Illiterate Infant last night after Kevin expressed a love of all things Python on this post
Don't you just hate Thursdays? It's not the beginning of the week, bringing with it the opportunity to get shit done, and it's not the end of the week either, bringing with it the promise of the weekend ahead.

Thursday is just a nothing day, the only good thing about it is the opportunity to do some late-night shopping, and for someone who's not all that much interested in shopping, well. Thursday sucks balls.

Tonight at least we're having family night at Mum's, so that is something to look forward to. I love family night, it's probably the best night of the week. But it usually happens on a Wednesday so it's thrown me a bit being tonight.

I must admit that one other good thing about Thursday is it does mean there is only one day left until the weekend. Now I've seen that Ecard going around saying something along the lines of being excited about it being Friday and then remembering you're a parent now so it doesn't make a difference.

Well, working three days a week it makes a difference to me. And not just that, Friday and the weekend usually means that Dave will be home and so I will get someone to tag team with and Mia will be happy to let  me leave her sight for a minute to go do something. Anything. Except housework of course.

I reckon my favourite day of the week is Friday, purely because it does hold that possibility of two days of not having to go to work or think about all the things I think about during the week, such as maybe getting off my ass and doing some housework.

Did I mention I hate housework?

The only thing I don't like about the weekend is it usually means we have to go grocery shopping. But I'm not gonna talk about that now. That is a whole 'nother post on it's own. One I might write tomorrow now that I think of it.

And now for something completely different...

What about this fuck-wit bloke in China who divorced his wife, then sued her, because they had an 'ugly' baby. And he won!

Before I go on, I looked this up on Snopes.com and couldn't find anything on there about this story being some kind of hoax so if it's not true I take no responsibility for leading you astray.

But seriously, what the fuck man?! Apparently his wife gave birth to an ugly baby and he was all "What? I ain't ugly, you ain't ugly, so where the hell did this ugly baby come from?". At first he accused her of cheating, because his ego is so freaking huge that he believes he couldn't possibly have produced a less-than-perfect offspring. As it turns out though, his wife had had over $100,000 worth of plastic surgery before they met so she actually was less than perfect originally. And that's where the 'ugly' genes have come from apparently.

This fuck-wit bloke won his case and the judge awarded him $120,000 as he agreed that his wife had tricked him in to marrying him under 'false pretences' for not disclosing the fact that she had had the surgery.

This is all shades of wrong, lemme tell ya! The poor woman was constantly accused of having an affair until she fessed up about the surgery and admitted that she blamed herself for the less-than-perfect image of their baby. The fact she had so much cosmetic surgery in the first place obviously speaks of some rather deep-seated emotional and psychological issues with her appearance, and to then have her husband declare their baby ugly and sue her for it? Well, I hope for her sake and the baby's, she has access to a good counsellor or psychologist coz she is gonna need it.

That poor baby girl is gonna grow up thinking she looks like a dogs breakfast when she probably just looks like every other baby around town. But the person I feel most sorry for is the man himself. I feel sorry for him that he is so shallow and doesn't have anything better to care about in life than what himself and the people around him look like.

Urgh! Like I said, all shades of wrong! And definitely a potential nominee for Good Golly Miss Holly's Asshat Award!
Well, I don't think so, but I'm not supposed to think so am I?
But my question is, aren't parents supposed to think their children are beautiful, even if they aren't all that perfect? I mean, some babies really are ugly (personally I think I was an ugly baby), and I wonder if deep down their parents know this on some level but it doesn't matter because they love them so much they see them as beautiful anyway. And let's be honest, even the ugliest babies are cute in their own way and rarely stay ugly for much longer than 8 weeks after birth, once they grow in to their features, don't you think?

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Amy xxoo said…
I have seen some pretty shocking babies but you're right....their parents are supposed to love them unconditionally. isn't that where u get the saying ' a face only a mother can love '?
Me said…
WOW - I didn't hear about that - it's just horrible !!!
Have a great day !
What a DOUCHEBAG. He is totally deserving of an asshat ... and a junk punch x
Unknown said…
ok that dude is BROKEN. My son was not a pretty baby. he was all flaky skin, cracked and bleeding and pulled the ugliest faces. I still thought he was the most amazing thing ever! He's much cuter these days too. his sister was beautiful from the moment she was born.
your bub is goegeous and I love that photo of you!
Redcliffe Style said…
Hahaha, excellent post! What an arse, all newborns are kind of ugly. Rachel x
I love that Monty Python quote. My sister and I used to run around the house reciting it when we were teenagers...

I saw that article in the paper too. Man, what an idiot.
I was adopted, and I'm told I was the ugliest baby. That is why my adoptive mother chose me over the others, because I was probably needed love the most. That and I was the only one able to hold my head up.

I agree with Rachel, all newborns are kind of ugly.

Dropping by from FYBF.
Anonymous said…
Truly the most worthy nominee of the Asshat award. *stands and cheers*
Unknown said…
I agree − definitely NOT an ugly baby in your photo. And YES YES YES. I want to award that man 50 ten million asshats (because that's the biggest number my kids know).
Just to digress, are you singing fist karaoke in your photo? I LOVE fist karaoke. If you are, good taste = very good genes.
My poor little second bub was ugly to start, and I am biased. Now she's quite lovely, and I haven't stopped snapping, but man… those first 3 months? Not good. Not good at all. x
Gah, some people. I think judges and police etc must see the lowest of the lows in human behaviour. All babies are cute, full stop.
Unknown said…
Oh wow thats just so wrong. I remember people telling me that my Maya had a big nose for a baby and I thought that too but it didn't seem all that wrong to me.
Grace said…
I saw the lady's before and after shot on morning TV at the gym the other day but they didn't have the sound on so I wasn't sure what the story was about. Now I know...WTF ??!!!!
I can't believe she had to pay him?!!! And that poor baby! What if she finds out the story when she's older? Horrible. Just horrible!
Kel said…
That is hilarious! While I agree that he's obviously a shallow, heartless baboon, really, she should have told him about the surgery. C'mon man, if you found out Dave used to be a deadset minga you'd be pissed! And as for the ugly babies... lol... I did think A's cuteness was rather... questionable... in her first few days of swollenness hehehe. Yes she was our beautiful girl, but a cute newborn? Not so much!
School of Mum said…
hahaha that is terrible! But I'm laughing. Must of been the way you wrote it! Very amusing post :-)
Anonymous said…
You make a good point about the poor baby and how it will grow up, but I am sorry, I did laugh so hard I nearly wet myself when I saw this story.
That's hilarious! Yes, what a stigma the poor baby has to deal with! I think all my kids are gorgeous - am I just deluded and the rest of the world is seeing something I don't see?? ;) FYBF
Unknown said…
I like the twists and turns of this post. I went for the ride right along with you. Your baby is cute. My baby is cute. I can't account for anyone elses.

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