My Week According to Instagram 11.11.12

On my home from picking up dinner last Sunday night (mmmm Pad Thai!) I just had to stop and snap this pic of the sunset, it was just gorgeous!

On Monday I took my sister Kate to have her make-up trial for the wedding in a few weeks and on the way home we stopped at the shopping centre to find some shoes for Punky and let her stretch her legs at the playground | On Tuesday Kelly HTandT and I took the kids to one of those indoor play centres, it was Punky's firs time and she loved it! Her favourite part was definitely the ball pit. She 'had a ball' you could say! | The cool clips I use at work to separate what has and hasn't been completed | I blogged some pictures I took of Mia at A's baptism for Wordless Wednesday

The #fmsphotoaday prompt was TV. I was catching up on some One Born Every Minute. Love that show, cry every episode | 5pm was the next prompt for #fmsphotoaday and this is what we do at 5 when Dave is on night shift, we go wake him up (and yes I know the pic looks a little odd and no that is not his bum, it's his shoulder and arm! | I felt the need for tea to get me through a late-night work session | And on Thursday I launched a giveaway to win a $50 Groupon voucher, perfect for those who aren't too fond of shopping like me and would rather do it online. Have you entered yet? Why not?!

The #fmsphotoaday prompt A Favourite Thing worked well for this pic of a rainbow I snapped at Mum's on Thursday, it was a nice thing to see after such a terrible and destructive storm | #fmsphotoaday prompt Reflection | It seems chocolate money has succumbed to inflation | Punky was enjoying sitting in front of the front door on Saturday, feeling the breeze and playing with her Daddy's protein drink shaker

#fmsphotoada prompt Small

#fmsphotoaday prompt Something You Do Every Day :: watch her sleep. I could spend hours doing it

What do you think, do I have my own little Mini Me?

I had a bit of a quiet week on Instagram this week, certainly compared to other weeks. We've been very busy, and Punky has been teething and not quite herself so I've been making a conscious effort to spend time down on the floor with her playing, and less time with a phone in my hand.

As always I'm linking this post up for Tina's My Week According to Instagram linky and I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone else's weeks have been. If you're on Instagram you should join us (in both the linky and on the 'gram. My username is kyl21z).


Unknown said…
I cant wait to get an iphone so i can join in with this link!! and instagram!!
Kel said…
Yes she is totally looking more and more like you!
Fabulous pics, as always x
Terrific photos, Kylie. That sunset is amazing! Love the clips! Heh. Thanks for linking up x
EssentiallyJess said…
Talk about a mini me!
Love being able to look back at a busy week and have phots to show for it. Makes life seem full and happy :)

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