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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday - She Walks

Linking this up as always with this tremendous trio...
My Little Drummer Boys


  1. Go Mia!! Exciting times in your house. Summer just stood up by herself yesterday, not long and she will be walking too.

  2. Wow! Look out mumma! Beautiful moment for all xxx

  3. How exciting! No more rest for you :) Rachel x

  4. So clever! Joseph's still not walking... he's too busy climbing.
    On another note, the more I think about it, the more I think there is a place for quipture in the English language.... I'm not sure what the process is for getting it into the dictionary, but it deserves to be there x

    I started doing some research for you for getting it recognised...

  5. YAY!!! So clever!! Lil man still isn't walking and he's 18 months next week.. but we don't mind.. we're just happy he is crawling!! (didn't like carrying around a 10 month old newborn haha!)

    He's very VERY wobbly when standing so we're a little way off yet!

  6. Here it comes. Well done! 8 months from now they'll be a scooter to scare mum and dad with

  7. LOL, life starts now. I do hope you can run! :D

  8. How exciting. A first to be remember

  9. Oh so adorable - brings back memories.


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