Ten Months

This post is a little late in coming as Punky was 10 months on the 23rd September, but as we were out all day, and then this last week has been a totally write-off I haven't had a chance until now to get this down.

I always intend to write things down throughout the month as they happen so that I will remember all the little things that happened but I always forget. I've been writing letters to Punky in a book I was given just after she was born but I won't be sharing those on here as they are personal and something I would like to keep private and just for her.

This last month has been probably the most challenging month of Punky s life to date. We've had issues with her teething and sleep and to be honest, I think I am more tired now than when she was a newborn. At least when she was a newborn she was napping multiple times a day which allowed me to also catch-up on much needed sleep. Not so now!
1 & 10 Months Old

Punky's top two front teeth made their appearance this last month and weren't they a bitch! The poor little thing, her gum kept swelling up around them and you could see how painful it was for her, to the point of her waking multiple times through the night, crying in pain. Whereas the bottom two just appeared one day with hardly a fuss, these two took at least 2 weeks each to break through the gum and so this month really has been the month of the teeth!

Thankfully though she has decided to stick with crawling for the time being. I mentioned last month that at the rate she was going she would probably be walking by now, but she seems to not be too fussed with walking as she is such an efficient crawler. Why mess with what works hey?! I am relieved about this on one hand, but on the other there is a part of me that looks forward to when she can work and we can go exploring a little more. Crawling around on concrete is not kind to little legs or feet!

What do you mean I'm 10 months old already?!?
Punky is usually a happy little thing, although with the issues with the teeth she was a little less happy than normal, but she still loves to have a laugh at my expense, and she giggles so often now, it's excellent. There is no better sound in the world than hearing her little laugh. It's so cute.

It's been hit and miss with waving, sometimes she gets it, and will wave goodbye to people, other times she just looks at you with expression on her face as if to say "You want me to do what?". She loves to clap though, that is favourite thing to do and will often give Dave a round of applause when he gets home from work.

Ha Ha! Got Your Lens Cap!!!
She has also mastered the 'High Five' which is super cute too, I hold my hand up and say "High five" and she slaps my palm with hers, and then gives me a huge grin and claps at her own cleverness. She is learning and picking up things so quickly, she loves to try and do up the straps on the high chair or the pram, and when we get to wherever we are going and I open the back door of the car to get her out she automatically starts pressing the button to try and undo the buckle. Thankfully her little fingers aren't strong enough to undo it. Yet! Gonna have to keep an eye on that.

Despite all the whinging and crying and waking through the night, I really do love being her Mum and watching her grow and change. She is fast leaving baby-hood behind and before I know it she's gonna be an adult and moving out!

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BossyMummy said…
I love the comparison photos - such a great way to show how much changes in a year! I love this age, so much fun :)

Hello from #teamIBOT
I saw those stickers somewhere and thought they were awesome! Where did you get them from ? I love these photos and the comparison. x
Grace said…
Oh, love the photos! Wish I did that with the boys! And she's just a little doll. Truly. Just wanna give her a big squidgy hug! :) x
Yvette Bowyer said…
what great photos!!! :)
Unknown said…
Taking a photo every month is a -brilliant- idea.

She is just gorgeous.
Lydia C. Lee said…
Teeth are just to remind you that you aren't in control...and that it's time for the good food!
Ai Sakura said…
Aww what a great practise you have! I write down Lil Pumpkin's monthly milestones too but haven't gotten down to it for a few months. I really should do so this month onwards. must must must!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka
Kel said…
How different she looks with those top teeth! Very cute :) So timely that I read this today because A whinged ALL DAY. OMG it was ridiculous. And the instant I would pick her up she would stop. But my back hurts too much to hold her all day. Dammit.
Unknown said…
Absolutely gorgeous Kylie! You take the loveliest photos. Mia is such a cutie. Top teeth can be a shocker. Ned didn't get any teeth til he was nearly 1yo and the first one to come was a top tooth. He cried like hell. Baby panadol/nurofen. All the way.
YellowDandy said…
The month stickers are Awesome! She is just way too cute, seems like she and Ezra would get along very well. I hate teeth, we've been dealing with fevers the last two nights because of molars, horrible!
Anonymous said…
Nice to see your little girl is practicing her escaping skills on the high chair. Now, when our little E goes quiet in bed at night we think she's trying to pick the locks.
Anonymous said…
The monthly t-shirt idea is inspired, we have missed that boat although perhaps a bi-annual t-shirt could work, hhmmm. You come highly recommended by Illiterate Infant and he is right - lovely blog!

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