Strange But True Saturday - Cannabis Plants and Feline Mayors

I don't get a chance to read or see much news these days, partly because I have a demanding little bugger munchkin to look after, and partly because it shits me to tears (10 points for the person who can name the band that sang that most brilliant ditty!).

But one section of news that I always like and try to make time to read through, is the Strange But True section. There is some crazy people and shit in this world and I never cease to be amazed and amused by some of the things that happen all over this bat-shit crazy world we live in.
The plant in question {Image Source}

My two fave articles that I read this week were titled 'Elderly couple's huge 'shrub' was cannabis' and 'Feline mayor lords it over Alaskan town'. True and True. And crazy.

In the first story an elderly couple picked up what they thought was an innocent old shrub from a car-boot sale and took it home and planted it in their garden. The cops got wind and showed up to confiscate it, saying it was the biggest cannabis plant the had ever seen.

I tell ya what, about 8 years ago I would have loved to be living next door to them! Can you just imagine looking over your back fence and seeing that thing growing there??? Crazy! I bet the people that sold the plant to them had a good little giggle after the sale was made, but how they got away with it at the car-boot sale in the first place is beyond me. Surely there was at least one law-abiding person who would have noticed that in their boot and thought it suss and busted 'em for it?
The Mayor, Stubbs the Cat
{Image Source}

In the second article, a town in Alaska has had Stubbs the Cat as their mayor for 15 years. Apparently in 1997 many people in the town were not impressed with the two human candidates on offer so as a joke people were encouraged to vote for the then-kitten who garnered enough votes to be elected as a write-in candidate.

Wikipedia defines a write-in candidate as -
"... a candidate in an election whose name does not appear on the ballot, but for whom voters may vote nonetheless by writing in the person's name...Write-in candidates rarely win, and votes are often cast for ineligible people or fictional characters."

Good old Stubbs was a mere 3 months old when he took office and his home,  Nagley's General Store, now doubles as his mayoral office. Apparently in his spare time Stubbs likes to 'drink water out of a wineglass, laden with catnip' and he also boasts over 20,000 subscribers to his facebook page. There is even a campaign to have him elected President of the United States!
Vote 1 for Stubbs the Cat
{Image Source}

You know, I think the people of this town are on to something. If the level of incompetence of the current crop of politicians we have in this country is anything to go by, we might well benefit from having a family pet as Prime Minister.

I now know who I'm going to be voting for in the next federal election. His name is Skeleton and he is the best darn guinea pig a person could have, a perfect candidate for PM if you ask me.

So tell me, do you think your pet would make a better politician than the mob we have at the moment? And what type of animal do you think would be best suited to holding political office? I think the cat is a perfect choice myself!

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Anonymous said…
:) That cannabis shrub is huge! They must have looked after it really well!

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