This post proudly bought to you by Nurofen for Kids

Kids Panadol sucks balls. Just so you know. Nurofen for Kids is where its at!

This last week or so has been hard. Teething and PMS does not a good combination make and if you add in a little sleep deprivation for good measure its downright unbearable.

Poor Punky has about a million teeth trying to break on through at the moment and they are giving her grief!

Gone are those three weeks we had of almost blissful sleep, no night wakings, one early morning waking around 5am for a feed then back to bed for a couple more hours of sleep. Snuggles in bed till I could be bothered getting us both up.

No, these farking teeth are not only making Punky screech like a motherfucking banshee miserable but they are making me miserable as well, and all I can say is Thank the Good Lord for Nurofen for Kids.

I am so thankful that Punky can take the stuff and not have any problems with it. I've tried Kids Panadol a few times but it just doesn't seem to give her the same relief as the Nurofen does.

I don't really like giving her anything to be honest, I resisted for so long, but I just couldn't stand seeing her pain any longer. And the difference in my little girl after she got a little pain relief was amazing. So this last week, since about last Wednesday, there have been a few doses of Nurofen for Kids administered and it has saved my sanity, I tell ya.

Kate Says StuffSo today I am Thankful for kids pain relief. And wondering why the hell they can't make Nurofen for adults that tastes exactly like the kids stuff. Have you tasted it?!?! It tastes just like a strawberry lollipop. If it wasn't for the fact that I would have to down at least 4 bottles of the stuff to even come close to an adult dosage, I'd be taking it myself! Nectar of the Gods!

What are you Thankful for this fine Thursday? Why don't you pop on over to Kate Says Stuff and see what everyone is thankful for. Happy Thursday!

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Kel said…
That's great that it's given her some relief! Some kids don't handle the nurofen so well, J never did. Hope she gets back to sleeping peacefully x
Me said…
Glad you found what gives Mia relief - happy smiles all round then ??? Hope it is over soon !
Have a great day !
Amy @ Mrs Smyth said…
Glad you've found something that helps. My M hates baby panadol too, but loves Dymadon - same thing, different texture and flavour. Could be worth a shot to tag team with Nurofen for the bad times. xx
We were lucky, either one did the trick for Nick, in saying that, he still had an awful time teething. Glad you found something that works.
Unknown said…
Kids panadol is immediate vomit inducing for my boys. Gross nasty stuff. Dymadon all round here too!

Liked you on FB, i'm iSophie if you'd like to like me.. lol
Talia said…
I much prefer neurofen as well. Panadol tastes like medicine!!

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