Thankful Thursday - Mum, Grandma, MIL & Nan

Today I am so thankful for my Mum and for Dave's Mum.

I work three days a week and on two of those days Dave's Mum looks after Punk for us. The other day my sister looks after her, which I am thankful, but today I am especially thankful for the Mum's.
Punky loves being looked after by her Nan and Grandma
Last night she had a sleep on Grandma's lap in the
restaurant we went to for Katie's birthday
It's hard work being a baby!

Dave's Mum is a bit unwell and has to spend a few days in hospital so hasn't been able to look after Punky this week. I am so lucky that my sister was able to step in and watch her yesterday for me.

Today, my Mum is looking after Punky for half the day and then my other sister Kate, who's birthday it was yesterday, will be coming over for the afternoon. Unfortunately my car needs a service and rego check today so that I can re-rego it tomorrow so it kind of threw a spanner in the normal 'looking after Punky' works.

It was all organised with my MIL for getting me to and from work and as she has a car seat it was no worries getting Punky around too. But of course, life always happens when you make other plans, and I've spent a bit of time scrambling this week to work it all out. With my Mum coming over it's meant having to take the car seat from my car, in to hers, and my Mum taking me to work and now Kate picking me up as Mum needs to get home and get some stuff done this afternoon, and I need someone to wait around till 5 when the car is picked up.

It's a bit of a hassle for my Mum and sisters to get over here, as they live about 45 minutes away, and they also have their own lives and plans so I am so very, very thankful that they have been able to re-organise their days to look after Punk for me.

And I am so thankful in general that I have family on both sides who are so willing to help out and look after Punky. I am incredibly lucky as a lot of people don't have that option, so to be able to have Punky looked after by family and save on childcare fees is a real blessing.

What are you thankul for this fine Thursday? You can see what other people are thankful for over at Kate Says Stuff, a wonderful lady who inspires me to stop and think about the things in my life that I'm thankful for, whether they be big or small.


Unknown said…
I am thankful for my mum too. She flew from Broken Hill to Hobart when #3 was sick in hospital to help us out with being able to be with him 24/7 and look after the other 3 boys.

Rhianna said…
Mum really are the greatest aren't they? I just got off the phone to mine who was offering to help me out as well. Bless their hearts.
Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses to mums everywhere - you included xx
Kirsty said…
It is so comforting when you have family to rely on when times get complicated - I don't know what I'd do without my parents and parents-in-law - they are worth their weight in gold!
robyn said…
Oh I hear this! I live near all my family, and I would be stuffed parenting without them!

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